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Project 2: Forrest Gump

Filzah Shafiee

Sunday, Oct 16, 2016 - 02:14:06 pm

@ My Portfolio

Forrest Gump Process and Final Compositions

I am using two quotes based on my favourite movie, The Princess Diaries 2001.

The first quote that I’m using is: “A Queen is never late. Everyone else is simply early.”

Composition 1A

I wanted to show that time revolves around the Queen. Initially, I planned for the Queen to be the huge emphasis and the clocks would Read more →

THAT SLOTH ONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE <3 but wow u went through alot and finally filtered for really the best!!!! <3 ... the first one that u placed up there was truly "Mind" blowing :P

Project 2: Forrest Gump

Filzah Shafiee

Sunday, Oct 16, 2016 - 12:57:02 pm

@ My Portfolio

1: Silk Screening Process and Totebag

Our class tried out silk screening to print our designs on our totebags.

After exposing our prints in the dark room, we applied paint on the top part of the silkscreen as seen below.

Placing a paper underneath the screen, we smeared the paint down across the screen using a squeegee.

Lift the screen and we produced our Read more →


Project 2: Forrest Gump


Sunday, Oct 16, 2016 - 12:39:34 pm

@ danielle koh

Here are my final designs after the thought processes which I have mentioned in my previous post! Ciao!

i kennot get over the dragon one siaa really loved it!! TAT the chinese over arching theme was <3 :P

Project 2 Process


Sunday, Oct 16, 2016 - 12:07:21 pm

@ Lazybug's Anatomy


Before we finalised our designs for printing, I got to try printing with silkscreen on tote bags. I learned how to prepare the screen from the printed transparency of the design, expose them to get the stencil. This process was new experience and I finally understood how the artists used silk-screening for their works.

Before I printed on the tote bag, Read more →


Project 2: Forrest Gump


Sunday, Oct 16, 2016 - 04:52:55 am

@ Just around the Riverbend

Silkscreen process:

Final Compositions:


Project 2 - Forrest Gump: Ideas and Process


Saturday, Oct 15, 2016 - 02:47:03 pm

@ danielle koh

Hello all. For this project, I have taken some reference from the move, Alice Through The Looking Glass for my quotes. The four quotes are:

“I knew who I was this morning, but I’ve changed a few times since then.”, “Where am I?”, “You cannot escape time.” and “He stuck us all at one literal tea time.”

Since this movie is sort Read more →


Project 2 Forrest Gump - Final Products

Gloria Yeo

Saturday, Oct 15, 2016 - 01:00:36 pm

@ Glojira

Sooooo, here it is:))) My final 4 compositions that I have chosen to print:))) I hope y’all like them:)) Do scroll down to see somemore of my progress work before I derived these (because I did tweak some compositions after consulting Ms Ina on Monday:))





Updated process (After consulting Ms Ina in class on Monday)

She pointed out to me that this Read more →


Project 2: Forrest Gump

Bridgel Sze

Saturday, Oct 15, 2016 - 01:38:29 am

@ bird gel


Hi everyone! Here are my compositions for project 2 (: Out of the 4 quotes, I chose to use 2 which were the following:

“God didn’t win the war. We did.” (The Imitation Game)

In this film, Benedict Cumberbatch plays Alan Turing, a scientist who was hired by the British government during World War II to Read more →


Forrest Gump: Hands on silkscreening

Amelia Yuliana

Wednesday, Oct 12, 2016 - 11:54:42 pm

@ Meils

So i finally got to try hands on silkscreening which i was quite excited to do as the method i did in polytechnic was quite different. So here is a photo of the process before I did. I recorded a video but unfortunately it disappeared 🙁

I was so happy that end result on both paper and totebag came out so Read more →