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Project 1: My Line is Emo

Filzah Shafiee

Monday, Sep 05, 2016 - 09:48:31 am

@ My Portfolio

Mark Making Tools and Artist Reference – Using Found Objects

My first mark making tool is a leaf. I have always been intrigued with leaves due to the different forms that it comes with and the textures of the veins can be interesting too.    ==> Leaf

Secondly, I used loose thread as my mark making tool. I was inspired by Jackson Pollock’s Read more →

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Project 1: My Line Is Emo


Monday, Sep 05, 2016 - 08:35:07 am

@ Najiha Puteri







The lines are beautiful! Various techniques have been successfully explored. Please improve on OSS layout: to identify styles - and various treatments consider to separate your lines - and ensure that one can preview them as bigger image. To do that - when uploading your images - ensure that you have checked "link to media" (located on the right hand side of the post) ; This would allow you to see the images larger in the floating window. It is hard to separate lines as well as emotions from each other. Ideally each category should have the subcategory: for example Anger:  could be divided into Torment, Rage, Jealousy. Carefully arrange them as they will enhance each other more prominently.
For the mark making tools - please make selection from the google drive and upload..It is hard to search for your images on the Google drive. Ensure the images are large scale!!!
Ok I'll try to work on it! Thanks for the feedback!

More Print Making


Monday, Sep 05, 2016 - 03:20:04 am

@ Wabi Sabi


After our second class I researched on mark making and found some quite interesting styles and ideas.

I took out my Chinese ink and a brunch of dried and old brushes and started painting on my paper.

I didn’t have a clear idea of the finished product. I just painted different angles, styles Read more →

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nice collage of techniques ..u have staged nice working environment for many  new ideas

Artist Research


Monday, Sep 05, 2016 - 03:13:22 am

@ Wabi Sabi

Laura Charlton

She has a very interesting monoprint style that I really like. She uses old boxes, opens them and monoprints them. The monoprints she creates reminds me of buildings or machines.

I followed her style and started playing with the ink I use (Chinese ink or acrylic paint), the amount of paint I use and the area Read more →

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Mark Making Tool


Monday, Sep 05, 2016 - 03:05:30 am

@ Wabi Sabi

For the first week of class we were asked to create our mark making tool.

I was quite confused. What is a mark making tool?

I started collecting random stuff from the kitchen. Mushrooms, broccoli, a fruit net, dried prunes, chilli and some  vegetables. (HAHA)

I dipped them in Chinese ink and started stamping Read more →

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i have received your PDF last time But there is an error  - can you upload it again please or bring to class soft copy..not sure why

My line is emo: Fails (and how I salvaged it)

Viena Lee

Monday, Sep 05, 2016 - 02:29:49 am

@ Viena Lee Lin Tsin

The pain of expectation of vs reality strikes closer to our hearts as visual artists.

Fail #1: Every detail is important

So I came across this very cool thing online, and it was done by Charlotte X.C Sullivan. It is called bubble printing.

Being a #Gobigorgohome kind of gurl, I decided to give it a try.

Here is a video of me doing it:

And Read more →

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Oh my gosh - these are useful for next year freshman..and for my Final Year students hahah thank you for resources

Decalcomania and my artist reference, Max Ernst

Amelia Yuliana

Monday, Sep 05, 2016 - 01:42:40 am

@ Meils

Decalcomania comes from the French word dècalcomanie. Which derives from the French word decalquer, which means to transfer or copy.

It is highly used by surrealists artists that use the technique to achieve different patterns solely due to the process of chance. It is first created by putting ink or paint on a surface such as paper, and then another paper is placed Read more →

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you have a good grasp of the fundamentals and of alternative techniques for mark making..there is nice understanding of past artists' theory and practice. You may use these powerful tools regularly in a production of work and see how you can combine them with industry - standard technologies.

Process: Deriving emotions from mono prints and hand drawings

Amelia Yuliana

Monday, Sep 05, 2016 - 12:12:58 am

@ Meils

Olla! Here is an update on how I have managed to derived a few of my lines from a combination of trial and errors which includes mono printing, decalcomania (my own method) and also some hand drawn ones as well!

To my surprise upon doing one of my mono prints, was that after scanning it looked like rubbish to me. I Read more →

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My line is emo: The power of scanners

Viena Lee

Sunday, Sep 04, 2016 - 10:40:33 pm

@ Viena Lee Lin Tsin

The best part of this project that that we are able to explore different techniques and methods.

It all started with this. a line of long folded triangles pasted together. Initially, I wanted to make it as a form of 3D texture art. However, I was not convinced with this end result.

So I consulted Ms Ina who suggested me to scan Read more →

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EXCELLENT- i love Tara Donovan..this is just a start. you can develop entire series of work just using that technique

My line is emo: Monoprints

Viena Lee

Sunday, Sep 04, 2016 - 09:47:16 pm

@ Viena Lee Lin Tsin

To kickstart our project, we were told to try out monoprints. Monoprinting is pressing an inked plate onto a variety of inks, tools, and items to create different types of prints. The beauty of monoprint is that one can achieve a huge variety of prints by experimenting with different methods, and that no print will ever look similar.

Here is a video example Read more →

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