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Project 1: My Line is Emo


Sunday, Sep 11, 2016 - 03:36:18 am

@ Just around the Riverbend

Hello everyone! At long last, our first project for 2D is finished! I found it a little troublesome to upload all my images of my documentation and monoprints etc here, so I created a pdf for it and will upload that instead. My entire process and reflection can be viewed in it, as well as my Read more →


Well done! nice video as a complement to your pdf presenting your design thinking in  each stage of the journey from the brief to finished design. The line ideas came to life through actual production. Please keep posting on OSS. In particular idea generation for Project 2.


Candy Lee

Saturday, Sep 10, 2016 - 07:34:29 pm

@ likethatlor.

18 Lines of Emotions

I personally like Arousal, Enthrallment, Hysteria, Mortification, Outrage, Remorse and Revulsion a lot.

Thanks for the digital edit, I really loved how all my lines turned out from monoprints and scans. I love how there can be even more edits and changes made to a single print which can easily turn out to be describe different emotions!

Also, thank you for Read more →

nicely refined monoprints! Abstraction of the lines are well supported with emotion tags; your abstract designs communicate key emotions through the change of scale, textures, and various treatments. All are very efficient.

PROJ 1 EMO Submission - PROGRESS

Candy Lee

Saturday, Sep 10, 2016 - 07:23:45 pm

@ likethatlor.

Finally it’s the submission for Proj 1 – MY LINE IS EMO ! *cheers*

It’s been a long 5 weeks working on this project, and making progress from mark-making and monoprint to digital alterations on our lines and to finally printing them out on D-DAY! 

Have been rather busy on working on projects, and thus lacking the time to document my process along Read more →

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When uploading photos (of monoprint scans) - ensure the image is not set up to thumbnail size - at least medium resolution. In this post,  your photo with dot lines is ok size. The rest of the images is too small.  I can explain in class if this is not clear. The monoprints are rich in detail and the 'noise' can be picked up by a scanner and nicely reflected in digital format.

Project 1: My Line is Emo (Process)

Natasya Adistana

Wednesday, Sep 07, 2016 - 11:59:04 am

@ Natasya Adistana

Hi guys! Here is the process of my handmade emo lines!

1. LOVE – Obsession

I used pieces of cut foam, put it under the paper and use the roller with thin ink to create the pattern. (image 1-4) I divided the paper into five parts and roll it with various rolling movement and ink content, e.g. roll the roller vertically/ horizontally/ diagonally with Read more →
oh my gosh! such an eclectic and  interesting methods. you are so so courageous! well done. You have incorporated elements from different material sources and managed to express a diverse array of ideas! Please keep the raw files in your hard copy journal  as a vocabulary or even to consider as a style in future projects.
Thanks Ina! Ofc I am keeping all the hard copy:)

Project 1: My Line is Emo (Final)

Natasya Adistana

Wednesday, Sep 07, 2016 - 11:54:44 am

@ Natasya Adistana

Hi guys! So up there is my final lines for our 2D Project 1 – My Line is Emo 😀

Let’s briefly go through them one by one!

1. LOVE – Obsession

This line was inspired by Andy Warhol’s Shadows where he painted a single image 102 times with various light and shadow.

The repetitiveness of the image make me Read more →

wow! can really see all the effort put into each and every line!!! i think i particularly love your "Joy" series and especially the "complete"... really makes me feel complete! :P ehhehe
Thanks Bao! :D Hahahaaa You are not heartless so confirm always complete one! Incomplete bao is only when got no fillings :p
It would be nice to see the final lines really huge- like 15 m by 2m!  But unfortunately, we can not do that. My favorite is Hopelessness. All of your lines sit well together in spite that eclecticism of the mark making techniques.

Thank you! I also like Hopelessness! Even though the process can be considered simple and fast, the result of it after adjusting the level is really distinct and looks like interesting pieces of glass :D

Making My Emo Lines - Process

Wong King Lam

Wednesday, Sep 07, 2016 - 03:43:44 am

@ Throne Room

I didn’t manage to take that many photos of my process (something I’ll definitely fix), but here goes nothing!

These were taken from my Visual Journal made in Photoshop. Hope you managed to understand it all!

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woah super intricate details about the editing and processing! shock and love look particularly great!! :OOO

Thank you!! Don't need to bao down

Well documented details of your designs! Lines are nicely modified from the original monoprint.  You have confidence in explaining and illustrating your process. When uploading an image, make sure it is uploading at the largest size and there is Link to > Media File (on the right-hand size from the upload window).

2D Project 1: My Line is Emo - Final


Tuesday, Sep 06, 2016 - 10:01:58 pm

@ in my domain

The finished project lies below! Personally for me, i’m not too great at hand drawn stuff so i preferred using the digital method! 🙂

OKAY! Thanks for reading! :)))))))

took me so long to pick a fave.... love all of them!! ure super good in photoshop girl 100%
I totally agree! Bao's lines are amazingggggg ?
Excellent work Bao. I keep clicking on the images as i would like to see them bigger :) Your design has "long legs"! you are ready to change, work in different ways and are open to the suggestions; so your work will go a greater distance. Keep posting and start the movie narrative for  movie project 2

Project 1: My Line is Emo

Filzah Shafiee

Monday, Sep 05, 2016 - 10:45:26 pm

@ My Portfolio

Finalising My 18 Lines




=> Monoprint

The black and white lines remind me of wrinkles that form on one’s forehead as they furrowed their eyebrows in jealousy. The lines are also very harsh and look as if paint was smeared on the wall using hands, indicating a form of desperation.

2. Rage

==> Hand drawn line on given template

The lines that mercilessly cross each Read more →

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Filzah, I genuinely love your work! I could never hand drawn something like that!
Filzah, you  have taken on the challenge - and edited your lines..such a big progress from week 4 to week 5! was really worried seeing the pixelation in week 4..I am super pleased with favorite lines are consfusion and is "disappointment"
Thank you syl! always so kind ;D
Thank you Ms Ina! really appreciate all ur help :)
damnn gurl!!!! love all your hand drawn ones :P ahah though your digitals ones are great too! hehe X))))))
thank u dearest baoooo<3 :))
Love love love your lines gurllllll! <3

Project 1: My Line is Emo

Sylvester Tan

Monday, Sep 05, 2016 - 10:24:19 pm


Hi everyone! It’s time for the submission of our 18 Lines! If you are interested to see the process of making these lines, Please follow the link below:

Part 1: Mark-Marking Tools Part 2: Mono-Prints Part 3: Artists Reference Part 4: Self-Exploration


I have learnt a lot through this assignment especially on how to create marks using different techniques. Now I finally Read more →

so cute the last pic hahaha super nice work esp the hand made ones! the emotions are really well represented
Loveeee the milk and detergent one:')) Really naiseee~
Final design choices for the lines are excellent. Is it possible to have your digital lines uploaded as a larger image ? make sure you check Link to > media file..this will ensure that image in your post opens big in a separate floating window... It would allow us to enjoy complex art-work even more :)

Thanks Ina! I was having doubt about my work after seeing everyone's incredible lines. Definitely a confidence boost! I will update the digital lines shortly.

you should be very confident! you really think well in shapes and understand spatial relationships (harmony balance) next project you have to think in images (metaphor, paradox, parody, personification...anthropomorphism..etc)

Project 1 My Line is Emo (Final)


Monday, Sep 05, 2016 - 09:30:34 pm

@ Lazybug's Anatomy

Visual Journal

18 Lines

























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omg ur visual diary!! super nicely done <3
Excellent works Hana. You have used and considered a wide range of techniques and materials in this project. You have added extra meaning by not restricting yourself to one method only. By scanning your works and digitally manipulating them you have successfully extended and supported traditional analogue mark making. Please bring to class the soft copy of your journal on a thumb-drive..i am compiling all on my side as well as a issuu upload as well. I will put all under Project 1 for next year show and tell.