In regards to editing for final compositions for Project 2

By: Ina Conradi |

Dear All,

Thank you to all that have been sending compositions for critique

Final submissions for hard copy print and for Media Wall led screen in North Spine need to be consistent across all of the groups in 2D FDN


Week 9 October 10

  • bring your 4 compositions or more files to school as a soft copy.
  • The Size is 250 mm + text all within 20 mm extra space below
  • text Arial Regular, 18 points, upper and lower case. Centralized alignment. Open & close inverted commas no need
  • Label should include: Movie QuoteName of the Movie year  ( see below image Quote + name of the move+ year)
  • For 15 m by 2m Media Wall in North Spine we need Each Soft copy file to be labeled in the following as:  First_Name_Second_Name– Title_of_ the_Movie

Week 10 October 17

 Final Submission:

  1. Hard Copy Print 4 compositions
  2. OSS documentation:
    Concept development: Film Title and quotes, Source images as edited in black and white, any inspiration for the theme
    All of the compositions you have developed
  3. All the be uploaded on the CLASS computer into one folder.For the reason of Media Wall Each soft copy file should be labeled as:  First_Name_Second_Name– Title_of_ the_Movie
  4.  Tote Bags: I will collect your tote bags for exhibition. If you want to print one more tote bag- they have them in Art Friend


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