Last Updates for the Final Gallery uploads and CD/DVD Submissions

By: Ina Conradi |

Dear G7,

Such an amazing end of the year. It was such a pleasure to walk into a finished exhibition of your works today!!!! I have been editing photos from today using Instagram.:) and sharing with friends…you are my stars and I am so proud of the results.

OSS Gallery uploads due Friday 18th at midnight

Nice to see first posts trickling in for project 3 onto category Project 3 Gallery

Please let me know if you see on your side Project 2 Gallery and Project 1 Gallery. *
(I meet OSS team on Wednesday and will check up with them how we can get the Gallery for final images for all three projects under the same gallery) 

If you have any process or research for project 3 please upload under the project as per usual post.

I will start my grading on Sunday – so please try to have your OSS uploaded before Sunday noon latest.

CD DVD Submission any time before 30th of November

Please compile High Res JPEGS ( not Adobe photoshop files)  for each project in this semester

Create 3 folders- one for each project

Drop final JPGS  for each project into corresponding folders

Label the CD-DVD with SHARPY :
your full name + G7+ AY 2016/17 Sem 1 -2D Final Portfolio
Please use simple paper to wrap your cd- as i have paper sleeves .
Plastic CD boxes are too bulky.

There will be box by my door for you to drop your CDs


please email me if any questions!


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