RECESS WEEK 26th -30th September

By: Ina Conradi |

Dearest Students,

Hope you can catch up on some sleep in coming days.

Thank you for enthusiasm in the coating and exposing today together and big thank you to the entire class in coming together with timely submission for  your designs. Thank you, Gerald for compiling all of  the designs.

I will visit supplier tomorrow. They want to see the inks/print  and screens. I will leave tomorrow 10 am to their place.  If any issues with transparency I will contact you tomorrow afternoon.

NEXT Week 8,   Monday 3rd of October

In CLASS Silkscreen print – One printed tote bag in B&W Creative
Presentation by

 Presentation 3 by  Najiha  and Filzah

Presentation 4

Due Week 9 Monday, 10th of October

  • Digital print – Four A3 size pieces of B&W prints   on normal paper (250mm x 250mm) the final 4 prints- each to fit on
    # A3, trimmed and with the subtext in Helvetica /Arial up to 18 point.  (please see the template in project brief. Please note you need to purchase your own print cupon if printing in school in Vis Com print Center or you can print in town.
  • We will compile the digital files for  media wall – It will take at least few weeks for works to be programmed.- I anticipate you will be able to see your works by the end of October , early November 🙂
  • OSS Process journal – research, sketches,   development of ideas, outcomes and reflection

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