Submissions EMO project due Week 5

By: Ina Conradi |

Dear all,

If you need any consultation or feedback- please note I will be available to meet you from 1pm- 5pm this Friday 2nd Sep. Ina’s office Room 32 4th Floor. My mobile is 81210402

Consultations are not mandatory

Here is what you need to have by Monday Sep 5th. While I do want to move to new project – I will allow only first hour and 1/2 while the class is printing for you to finish loose ends on any of visual journal OSS uploads.

LINE WORK HARD COPY READY for PRINT (Print Sample 1100 x 470mm )

  • Do the layout in provided Print Sample 1100 x 470 mm for your four A#3 Compositions. Please see the example below- there is a little margin around each line
  • Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 5.31.25 PMFor the last A3 it needs to be shared with another student.
  • Save as PDF – please down-sample to 150 dpi as the final document should try not to exceed 60 mb
  • Decide on the emotions to represent each of the categories- you can find more emotions via dictionary or online


  • Hard copy visula Journal should be only what you have been bringing every week- your notes and tests you did fort monoprint- raw files stapled of glued into journal
  • Compile your process>Any of the following:
    research on artists and techniques (any artist/technique that you liked or stumble upon -please provide link on OSS) and/or if you have images of your mark making tools, and/or the marks they made, and/or any images from studio, and/or any raw scans of your mono prints * (you might need to compress them before uploading)
  • upload your ready to print files of lines as A3 jpeg (compressed)
  • upload if you have any handmade lines

We will talk in Class about final upload on Class Gallery 

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