Week 3 – Group 1 Presentation


22 August

Presentation Group 1: Topic: Elements (dot, line, shape)

  1. Amelia Yuliana 
  2. Mok Jiaman 
  3. Gerald Chua 




Process Outline


Scan of mono-print works at 300 dpi


Final Edit of the line





Project 1 Progress

Continue working on Project 1

Keep your Visual Journal updated

Start uploading on OSS your process. Update links from web on any interesting method and/or technique artist.





This is excellent example for work process documentation:

-Draw more lines- scan.

-Back to making mono-print with a line like quality textures

-Back to scan and edit


Veda and Hana at work in the 2D print room comparison their drawn lines with monoprint

-Final editing

IMG_4001 IMG_4002 IMG_4004 IMG_3996