Week 4 – Finalizing Project 1


29 August

Presentation Group 2: Topic: Elements (plane, value, texture)

  1. Sylvester Tan
  2. Viena Lee
  3. Bridgel

In class: Continue working on Project 1

template for the layout A1 print

Print Sample 1100x470mm

Group Presentation 2

Presentation Group 2: Topic: Elements (plane, value, texture)



LINE WORK HARD COPY / PRINT (Print Sample 1100 x 470mm )

  • Do the layout in provided Print Sample 1100 x 470 mm for your four A#3 Compositions. Please see the example below- there is a little margin around each line
  • Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 5.31.25 PMFor the last A3 it needs to be shared with another student.
  • Save as PDF – please down-sample to 150 dpi as the final document should try not to exceed 60 mb
  • Decide on the emotions to represent each of the categories- you can find more emotions via dictionary or online
  • Hard copy visula Journal should be only what you have been bringing every week- your notes and tests you did fort monoprint- raw files stapled of glued into journal
    Compile your process:  if you have images of your mark making tools, and/or the marks they made, and/or any images from studio, and /or any raw scans of your mono prints * (you might need to compress them before uploading)
  • upload your ready to print files of lines
  • upload if you have any handmade lines