Week 9 Project 2 review of soft-copy, Final selection for print (due week 10)


10 October

Review of progress on project 2 and Selection for print that will be due in Week 10

Introduction to Project 3: Ego (project duration 4 weeks)

About: create a self-portrait using mathematical equations containing visuals for values and variables. Any techniques and methods can be used -digital and/or analogue.



Topic: Gestalt, by Hana Lee  and Veda Sutedjo


Print your Forrest Gump 4 selection each trimmed to 250 mm by 270 mm

Media Wall Naming Convention for soft copies

  • For 15 m by 2m Media Wall in North Spine we need Each Soft copy file to be labeled in the following as:  First_Name_Second_Name– Title_of_ the_Movie

Start working on ideas for project 3

Review past works