Update on Submission for Emo

By: Ina Conradi |

Dear all,

Thank you to all who came for consultations.

It was really helpful for me to see the progress.

There are two things I would like to mention in regards to submission as a result of today’s consultations:

  1. Please be reminded that this year’s project is different from the last years’ as it is focusing on 6 basic emotion categories, anger, love, joy, fear, sadness and surprise. Each category must be represented by three (3) expressive line works. You can come up with any emotion name under main category.
    For example category SURPRISE can be represented by three emotions from any of the following emotions: rude- awakening, astonish, amaze, nonplus, startle, astound, stun, flabbergast, stagger, shock, stop someone in their tracks, stupefy, leave open-mouthed, take someone’s breath away, dumbfound, daze, benumb, confound, take aback, jolt, shake up;
  2. PLEASE DO NOT LABEL OR WRITE NAME TAG ON YOUR SAMPLE. (apology for shouting :))
    Again this year we will list emotion bellow the line once printed. IF YOUR LINE IS HAND MADE and will be not printed you can ink in or pencil in emotion name inside the line.
  3. BRING YOUR FINAL LAYOUT on a thumbdrive 🙂
  4. PLEASE be on timeIt is so rewarding to see your progress and I am looking forward to being s-u-r-p-r-i-s-e-d!


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