Week 14, Monday Nov 14th, Final Submission at 1:30-3:00 pm

By: Ina Conradi |


Hard Copy by Monday, Nov 14th

Digital color print or hand drawn – Twelve squares each on A4 paper (200 mm x 220 mm).

Include text within 20 mm below the image. Text Arial Regular, 18 points, upper and lower case. If you are not printing- you can write it by hand. For Mathematical Symbols ( +, -,=) use either print out or black tape or any other way…


Printing Tips: your print shop might suggest that you print all twelve squares on one sheet or two A4 per A3 paper to save cost. However you still need to trim each of your compositions, just like we did for movie quotes. DO NOT submit them all on one single large sheet of paper. DO NOT mount them on one single piece of paper and/or board. For the mathematical symbols please use black tape or print them separate and cut out, or any other way you like.

Exhibition Tips:

When: Monday Nov 14th, Final Submission at 1:30-3:00 pm

Where: we will do exhibition on the 2nd floor in-front of 2D classroom. Please use/share blue tack, hang or pin your works.


PART 2: OSS by Friday Nov 18th

OSS Submission NO LATER than Friday Nov 18th

In Class: OSS Upload  to include 12 Final compositions in tiles on OSS tagged under category “Gallery” .



CD DVD will archive final HR JPGs for Project 1/ Project 2/ and Project 3. Please create 3 folders for your HR JPEG images. Please NO PDF or Photoshop Files

Please clearly label your CD with black Sharpy:
Name,  G7 -2D Compilations,  Sem 1, AY 2016/17

Please submit/drop-off any time before Christmas to me or leave at the box in front of my office.

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