Week 5 Last Date for OSS update Wednesday noon

By: Ina Conradi |

Dear All, Excited to see your posts for process on Project 1 on OSS! They are really inspiring! The goal of the project 1 was to get you out of ordinary and into new ways of thinking about what drawing can be…and how quickly you can make a strong impact and mood with graphic mark. Please submit Project 1 on OSS! by this Wednesday -i can not extend the deadline indefinitely  and to be fare to people that finished all by the deadline.

Today’s intro to project 2 – consolidated on class Menu Structure.


Week 7: bring your movie quotes and collection of High Res Images. We will do Step by step half tone_2016 in class/ and or threshold and select in class image that can fit A4 size format to be printed on transparency.
Pizza and gallery type exhibition on lines will follow up!

Week of Recess:  Make up class 

Creating Silk Screen stencil using dark room. Bring doubled A4 transparency with image. Preparing ( washing> coating> drying> exposing>washing) silk screen and printing Tote Bag.

Week 8: Working on 4 final compositions 250 mm by 250 mm in 300 dpi per inch

Week 9: Our Target to submit!

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