Week 7 -Update on Homework due next Monday 26th of September

By: Ina Conradi |

Dear all, just a gentle reminder:

Make-up Class on Monday Recess Week šŸ™

Bring A4 transparency with your image to class

  • Please bring one of your designs (single motif or montage) printed on a double transparency A4 size. The image can be any size but needs to fit A4- can be smaller but not bigger than A4.
  • Same image needs to be xeroxed or copied on a transparency 2 times (2 transparencies per image). Tell shop you need it extra black or extra contrast …

Before theĀ printing/xeroxing your image on the transparencies,Ā make the image half-tone/via bitmap or threshold.

Ensure the file is either vectorized of converted to half-tone via bitmap orĀ Threshold Adjustment Layer or cutout stencil filter in Photoshop . “Halftone is achieved by taking an existing image and reproducing it with a series of different sized dots/ or lines/ or shapes.Ā The closer and bigger the dots, the darker (and less detailed) the image; and the smaller and more spread out they are, the lighter (and more detailed) the image.Ā  Ā Screen Printing involves taking images and breaking them down to simple colors. You print the images by running ink through a mesh screen (hence ā€œscreenā€ printing). Since the ink needs shapes to pass through, people use halftones to create the images…” (link)


Please do not hesitate to send me image prior to transferring on transparency

exampleht-2 exampleht-1 exampletr-2


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