Week 7 -Update on Homework due next Monday 26th of September

By: Ina Conradi |

Dear all, just a gentle reminder:

Make-up Class on Monday Recess Week 🙁

Bring A4 transparency with your image to class

  • Please bring one of your designs (single motif or montage) printed on a double transparency A4 size. The image can be any size but needs to fit A4- can be smaller but not bigger than A4.
  • Same image needs to be xeroxed or copied on a transparency 2 times (2 transparencies per image). Tell shop you need it extra black or extra contrast …

Before the printing/xeroxing your image on the transparencies, make the image half-tone/via bitmap or threshold.

Ensure the file is either vectorized of converted to half-tone via bitmap or Threshold Adjustment Layer or cutout stencil filter in Photoshop . “Halftone is achieved by taking an existing image and reproducing it with a series of different sized dots/ or lines/ or shapes. The closer and bigger the dots, the darker (and less detailed) the image; and the smaller and more spread out they are, the lighter (and more detailed) the image.   Screen Printing involves taking images and breaking them down to simple colors. You print the images by running ink through a mesh screen (hence “screen” printing). Since the ink needs shapes to pass through, people use halftones to create the images…” (link)


Please do not hesitate to send me image prior to transferring on transparency

exampleht-2 exampleht-1 exampletr-2


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