Week 7 Update

By: Ina Conradi |

Dear All,

It has been so nice to go through your posts for Emotion Emo Line Study. As I going from post to post and reading –  feeling fortunate to have such a strong and independent class this semester.Each of you is very very different and your character is coming through. The number of your posts and process reviews on OSS has been used as an example for other upper major classes in ADM.

This  week we will meet in 2D Computer Lab. The class will start with a short tutorial on creating stencil look for your images.  Review of your images and movie quotes will follow. Have them ready for viewing.

Line Exhibition 

Where:  2nd floor

Time: 5 pm- 5: 30pm set up

Opening: 5:30- 7pm

Emo Line critique will be festive and as mini-exhibit happening. We will have pizza served  -please bring your own drinks.

Emo Line Final Presentation Format

If you have any hard copy journal bring it to share. By now we are very familiar with everyone lines through OSS postings- so we will keep presentations super short max 3 min.
Please summarize
1) who were the artists you researched/why, 2) what kind of mark- making- tool that you have created at home (comb, brush, broccoli, feathers, etc  3) what technique you liked the most 4) which emotion was the hardest to present.

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