Week 9 Update for Homework and Submissions for Project 2

By: Ina Conradi |

Dear All,

It has been delight and pleasure to see your progress in the last 9 weeks! I love to see you in good spirits and united helping each other in the last weeks of semester! It is inspiring and big motivation for me as teacher!
We will try to plan weeks ahead carefully to accommodate your overlapping submissions for other modules. Please do not hesitate to contact me if any unclear things. Never-the-less EMBRACE unclear and be opened to doing things in your way!

Please due week 10 are:
  • bring your 4 compositions PRINTED and TRIMMED/CUT to the exact size 250 mm by 270 mm
  • You can use any outside printer. Please note for CHOICE OF PAPER printing NO GLOSSY PAPER – only MATT paper
  • Keep the prints SEPARATE -DO NOT mount on a black paper or print on one sheet. Depending on the printer they might tile them on one large paper to cut you the cost- but you still need to trim them into individual squares.
    Gentle reminder before print check:
  • text Arial Regular, 18 points, upper and lower case. Centralized alignment. Open & close inverted commas no need
  • Label should include: Movie Quote – Name of the Movie year
  • For 15 m by 2m Media Wall in North Spine we need Each Soft copy file to be labeled in the following as:  First_Name_Second_Name– Title_of_ the_Movie
  • Bring your Tote Bag

You can come earlier and pin each image with blue tack on the walls at the 2nd floor across 2D print Lab- place where we had Line exhibit last time. It smells like pizza.


This is image by Priya…as you see each composition is printed and pinned as separate..She has printed few extra…and used blue tack them to place them below the main 4 compositions

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