Posting Instruction for Project 1A

By: michaeltan |

Dear All,

Good Morning! laughing Thank you for the exciting outputs for Project 1A the past week! I had lots of fun listening to your ideas. In fact, I was drown in happiness by the flood of imagination from the class! I hope the session provide a useful opportunity to learn and cheer each other on!


Keep up the good work! and don’t forget to take break and have a little fun!


Posting Instructions

  1. When you are available, please kindly post your complete work under the “Project 1A” category I just created.
  2. To each of the image you have created, please specify Add, Subtract, Substitute, Superimpose. 
  3. You can provide a short description for the images (No more than 50 words for each image)
  4. Lastly, write a short reflection on how you feel when creating your work, challenges faced and gain from the project (No more than 150 words).



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