Project 1B Update!!

By: michaeltan |

Dear All,
Please inform each other that I have an updated brief for Project 1B. I have sent everyone an email earlier and this is a shout out.
Keeping in mind the mountain of assignments you have at hand, I hope the streamlined brief will lighten your load.
I only need one story, one poster, three characters.
In brief, I need you to:
Task 1
  1. Create Three original fictional Characters, using addition, subtraction, substitution, Superimpose – you can combine all of them.
  2. They have to full figured, not necessarily human figure. Can be creatures, machines, hybrids…
  3. Present each character on an A4 paper (One Character to an A4). You can collage physically or work digitally.
I am looking at ideas and process, not realism, so don’t be too obsessed with making things look ‘real’
Task 2
  1. Building on the characters you have created, you may include all three or focus on one to develop a story. You may scan, photograph, photocopy the original creation for use in your poster.
  2. Write a 150 word sypnosis, beginning with “In a world…”
  3. Give your story a title.
  4. Create ONE poster for your story. Please include title. You can draw, paint, digital manipulate …up to you.
Have fun! Looking forward!

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