Video Project Group Consultation

By: michaeltan |

Dear All,
I hope this finds everyone well.
A couple of things…
I would appreciate if you can take a few minutes  to furnish the teaching feedback form if you have not done so.
The link should be available in the emails from the university; this will enable me to be a better teacher.
Secondly, I trust that you are progressing swimmingly with your video work.
Please come seem me at my office (ART 4-30) with your rough edits.
I need video tracks laid on your editing software.
1230 – 1315:
Jamie, Celine, Jess
1315 – 1400: 
Emma, Venessa Tan, ST
1400 – 1445: 
Dora, Cassandra, Duane
1445- 1545:
Zerline, Audrelia, Lydia, Namita
1545- 1645: 
Calista, Claudia, Vanessa Ang, Sammi
1645 –1730:
Kai, Valantia, Chris

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