4 hour lesson on InDesign on Monday March 21st.

By: Ina Conradi |

Dear Class,

We will conduct four hour lesson on InDesign on Monday March 21st.

FROM 8:30 -12:30. BE ON TIME!

We will try to finish earlier and have pizza lunch and view the POV works after the demo. You can install your works Sunday evening or first thing Monday before the lesson.

About this lesson:

It is a four hours lesson. We hope to guide the students to setup a A5 size zine layout in InDesign in the first half of the lesson.The second half of the lesson, we intend to take the student through the various mock up techniques they could utilized in this project, e.g. saddle-stitch bind. A step-by-step pictorial guide will be provided.

It is super important that you are all there and attendance is mandatory as the Visual Communication work study would conduct tutorial.

2D Foundation Area and all of us teaching have decide on ONE ZINE Layout across all 8 groups as we would like to make it really super easy for all of students in 2D to come up with same zine template- given the final ZINE will be due in Week 13.

Materials: please download these demo file and install all the fonts onto your personal computer before the session, http://bit.do/zine

If not sure how to do it please be early in class.

You can download a 30 Day InDesign trial from Adobe for the purposes of the class on your own laptop. It is not limited in any way during the 30 days. You use the creative cloud app to download it.




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