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Final Works


Friday, Apr 22, 2016 - 09:00:21 pm

@ Kapilan Naidu

I was extremely satisfied with how this project turned out. I was glad that I was able to pursue a new direction and explore the various forms of generative art. I was also happy that I decided to scale up and create larger works. It allowed me to create more intricate compositions Read more →


POV Final

Denise Wong

Monday, Apr 18, 2016 - 10:24:19 pm


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Animated clips of personal fears.

Fear of Duty

Fear of the Spotlight

Fear of Despair


POV: Final City!

Pang Xin

Sunday, Mar 27, 2016 - 04:57:23 am

@ Pumpkins Cats and Doodles

A City from the Point of View of a Weed is a Struggle.

This is actually inspired by something I wrote a long time ago, comparing a person in a city and a weed growing out of concrete, thus the positioning of the paper cut out such that a small person is visible as part of the weed.

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Tags: 2d | city | final | pov
Dear Dear Pang Xin..I saw your awesome Post on face-book six photos of circle in progress..Please if you can add those images of six circles /transformation layers as your main photo! I think it would be more impactful than the view of the folded book from the top:) we can look into it tomorrow!

POV: K-Pop Idols

Matthew Ong

Thursday, Mar 24, 2016 - 10:37:43 pm

@ Eureka!

The following images are my final pieces for this project.


POV from entertainment company

(The entertainment often view idols as money making machines and do not really care about their views. Idols have no say in which shows they want to do or not and are blinded by the entertainment company’s direction.)


POV from other idols

(Idols often Read more →

I definitely enjoy these on a screen more than in print! Evry element works really well on the screen and is over the top, and nicely exaggerated- full blast color and pop!
Thank you! :)

Point Of View Final


Wednesday, Mar 23, 2016 - 10:25:40 pm


These are my final six A5 works for Point Of View for alcohol.

Alcohol from the point of view of troubled people is escape. How I chose to portray this point of view was that the bottle of the alcohol would be a shelter or hideout from the problems of the outside world, such as stress, anxiety and other issues. These Read more →

Beautiful drawings!!! well here on the blog! please come in for consultations for the zines! I hope you are aware how nice your watercolors are! and how difficult situations could result in great results. you do have nice process as well as confident outcome. well done..

(POV) Final


Wednesday, Mar 23, 2016 - 11:41:49 am

@ Birdkeeper Lea

Here are my final compositions!

A Jungle in the Point-of-View of an Explorer is Perspective. 

A Pond in the Point-of-View of an Explorer is Temptation.

A Temple in the Point-of-View of an Explorer is Fortune.

A Mountain in the Point-of-View of an Explorer is Trickery.

My final compositions are below!

Tags: 2d | drawing | final | ink | lining | pen
you are so grounded in intuition, so disciplined and driven--- and you have a talent! I can not teach you intuition in the classroom setting! I hope you can animate these worlds next!
I really love your drawings! And the theme for your POV project is amazing. Really enjoyed looking at it.

POV: Quranic Tarots

Iskandar Ruhaizat

Tuesday, Mar 22, 2016 - 06:26:26 pm

@ Sang Musang

The artworks that I produced for this assignment aim to further understand the literary devices in the Quran. The Quran contains verses which can sometimes be meant to be taken literary, while others utilise metaphors and require a certain amount of contextual analysis to create meaning. This openness to interpretation leads to different groups of people appropriating Read more →


Point of View - Final


Monday, Mar 21, 2016 - 09:23:31 pm

@ 風鳴る翼

Final individual panels

With a pet parrot at home, i got reminded everytime how birds are a mirror of ourselves.

The idea behind his was from Howl’s Moving Castle by Miyazaki. In the movie, Howl was a birdman with black feathers and his castle forever changing due to the different emotions and the situations people will face. I fused this idea together. Read more →


Point of View - Final

szewen soh

Monday, Mar 21, 2016 - 10:52:34 am



POV final: I am a Buddhist


Monday, Mar 21, 2016 - 09:28:16 am

@ Charlene

My POV finals clearly look quite inconsistent in terms of style but I guess the idea of playing with different perspectives of Buddhism is there…(I hope). While I initially wanted to follow and build on the cut-&-paste style from the previous project, I realised the style would not fit the concept for my POVs so I dropped it Read more →