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Typographic Portrait Research

Wong Song Yu

Saturday, Feb 20, 2016 - 09:22:46 pm

@ Song Yu

For this project, i started off by looking at references from avant garde media and styles, such as in dadaism and

Russian Constructivism, particularly in how they managed to use typography within their work.

Artists like Hannah Hoch were also inspirations for me, as the way she composed her

work, Read more →

Your ideation stage in this project resulted in a variety of potential solutions - they were nicely resolved and combined in the final piece. Please double check as your post appears under new category 'Research" and should be under Typographic Portrait ( research) We can double check in class tomorrow.

typographic portrait 1: An Insomniac


Saturday, Feb 20, 2016 - 02:35:46 pm

@ toiletpaper


Don’t we all never get enough of it?

How hectic our lives are as ADM students.

Compounded with the fact that I am an unpredictable insomniac.

I legit am afraid that I am unable to sleep and thus be unable to function the next day.

It’s so frustrating.


sorry Read more →

Excellent works. You are finding hidden benefit of not sleeping! this project is a great example how to use all of your curiosity and experience and to poor into your works! The Idea of insomnia would be great for your ZINES as well as for the point of view / as you have a lot to say based on all personal way of seeing and past and present experiences. Looking forward to more of your works

Typography Portrait: Final

Denise Wong

Friday, Feb 19, 2016 - 06:47:09 pm


My name is Denise and I’m Peranakan

I paired the baba (man) with a mata puteh (oriental white eye) to mimic the sentiment of old Singapore. Back in the day, these birds were admired for its singing quality/buka and the price  to appreciate a songbird’s chirp at home could range from $30-500.

The pairing of the Read more →

Nice presentation..please consider -make the featured landscape image bigger -do not include photo from the critique and the wall in 2D :) as it is not as impressive due to poor lighting conditions. -include caption or title from the assigned brief: "my name is...and i am..." :) This is very important to finalize presentation

Typography Portrait: Process

Denise Wong

Sunday, Feb 14, 2016 - 07:59:39 pm


I am Peranakan

Upon interpreting this brief, I saw it as a chance to explore my roots and it seemed only natural to touch on my heritage. In my household, the Peranakan culture is very much celebrated and practiced throughout each year. I still remember the first time I ate my mum’s ayam buah keluak when I was a kid, and Read more →

Beautiful Process..well planned and very methodical from free associations to a nice connection between disparate concepts. Your patterns are now having a fresh perspective and new meaning and are switching from typography to ornament--maybe we can carry on these methods into your zines? You could liberate even more ideas by "ghost" like coffee textured patterns? Please remind me in class to give you links to patterns resources.. it would be nice to use for the featured image experiments with coffee grounds, cold/hot water to tone paper- they are so unusual and unique and will make our class main feed page more colorful!

Typographic Portrait : Initial Referencing


Saturday, Jan 30, 2016 - 11:54:25 pm

@ 風鳴る翼

I was pretty lost when i saw the project brief, typography? and portrait? Does it refer to the ones using words and a portrait is formed? the examples were pretty interesting but i was still unsure of what i should be doing.

I decided to find out what are the interesting methods and presentation that interests me. Here are the references Read more →

Dear Gekki - examples are GREAT! you will be using paper cutting and you will be able to incorporate metaphors and simile of the cutout nature with representing who you some practical issues ...Please note that you have misspelled category Typography Portrait : Initial Referencing Should be Typographic Portrait and subcategory is Research :)))))
thank you Prof Ina for pointing out my mistake. I have amended the categories :)
great research and digging for clues!

Typographic Portrait Problem: Research

Denise Wong

Monday, Jan 25, 2016 - 10:44:14 am



The Bauhaus style favours function over form, hence many of its designs feature clean and powerful typography is a integrated graphical element in an artwork.

Looking at the pictures above, they seem to be architectural in nature (due to its overall geometrical layout and angles). They also make use of simple-to-read fonts (of both upper and lower case), which aligns with Bauhaus’s principle Read more →

Dear Denise, This is great research ! There is some issue in your category - should be Typographic Portrait (research) there is category titled Typographic Portrait with subcategory research now your post appears under new category called Typographic Portrait Problem: Research which is not consistent with the rest of the class. can you please check with the rest? so sorry -just would like to avoid overlap.