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POV: Research

Ummi Kaltsum

Wednesday, Mar 16, 2016 - 06:53:15 pm


When the brief was given for this POV project, I decided to do collages, like cut and paste collages. So I head on to Pinterest to find inspiration on collages as well as finding out different artists all together.

Below are some of the inspiration tabs I screenshot while researching.


Point of View (Research I)


Monday, Mar 14, 2016 - 10:41:23 am

@ /kaywerlyn

I read The Little Prince a few weeks ago and I got really excited about the drawing that the Little Prince drew.

The Little Prince drew a picture of a boa constrictor that ate an elephant and he asked some adults to guess what it was, and they thought it was a hat.

I realised that a simple picture Read more →


So I went to the library....


Monday, Mar 07, 2016 - 12:30:21 am

@ Charlene

err will hold on to the pics of selected pages for now and add them in my pinterest or somewhere later when I have time…


Putting Things Into Perspective II


Monday, Mar 07, 2016 - 12:12:56 am

@ Charlene

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Overall concept + Presentation Ideas

From the different POVs, I gathered that people take what they saw fit from it and that just proves the point that religion is a self-constructed ideal unlike how its supposedly a fixed set of beliefs that one commits too. In fact, many “rules” I Read more →


Putting Things Into Perspective


Sunday, Mar 06, 2016 - 11:50:55 pm

@ Charlene

“Zen does not ask you to believe in anything you cannot confirm for yourself. It does not ask you to memorize any sacred words. It does not require you to worship any particular thing or revere any particular person. It does not offer any rules to obey. It does not give you any hierarchy of learned men whose profound teachings Read more →


18 Perspectives: Research

Iskandar Ruhaizat

Saturday, Mar 05, 2016 - 06:34:05 pm

@ Sang Musang

I wanted to approach this project using illustrations (plan B is to do up collages) and make them look like tarot cards. For this project, I’m only going to use the Major Arcanas in a tarot deck.

I really like Tiffany’s (aka Lovage) illustration style (though I think it will take quite some time to do)

the photomontage like the Tiffany’s (aka Lovage) would work? reminds me of same method we used in Rhymes...but much more colorful
Hi Ina, yup I'm currently sketching out the lines for the cards before scanning them in to fill in the colours. Will explore monochrome and colour theory to see which works better. Also, do you need still need more works for Rhymes? I can bring mine down on Monday if you'd like; forgot to bring mine the other time.
Great! please bring the Rhymes for me to store- of course if you have them... We are postponing the set up as ADM is planning exhibit in the gallery and they might need the wall i wanted to use to put display. I will keep all the works and wait for the best ocasion. have a nice sunday

Point of View Research

Elizabeth Liew

Monday, Feb 29, 2016 - 10:03:28 pm

@ carrots

After the Typographic Portrait project, I decided to continue with the theme of animals for this project and decided to look from the perspective of how different animals see themselves. I decided to try a new style of drawing this time, and took inspiration from a new digital art series about Cats as Snacks.

Art Snacks Read more →

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POV: Research

Pang Xin

Monday, Feb 29, 2016 - 11:01:18 am

@ Pumpkins Cats and Doodles

All the sources of the images should be linked (if you click on the image itself)

I’m working with the idea of a silhouette, so here are some ideas on how they should/could look~:


The background of my silhouettes will be cityscapes though, so I looked into the different style and medium this could be done.

Most are in traditional medium Read more →