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Typographic Portrait Final

Ummi Kaltsum

Monday, Feb 15, 2016 - 09:01:17 pm


Below are the 4 final A5 and its description. These 4 pieces are book pages (torn from long kept novels) that was drawn on, some painted on, then scanned in, edited and layered scanned monoprints to get these overlaying effects. My typography in all these 4 final pieces are the initial of my name, U.


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Ummi EXCELLENT works! I would choose the image from the earlier post for your final image on this page - it shows as a collection of all of your images..The current image from the wall in 2d is too small is hard to link image and corresponding caption ( My name is... and I am..).. Please let's talk in class ...Alos Title of the page should be Typographic Portrait Final..
Please use digital file as the featured image and not photo from 2d area :) it will look better

Typographic Portrait: Final

Elizabeth Liew

Monday, Feb 15, 2016 - 02:06:00 am

@ carrots

My final work is presented as stickers on green, red and grey construction paper to further highlight the theme of colour-deficiency (:

Here are the 4 final pieces I have chosen!





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You have demonstrated in this project that you do not mind exploring few possible approaches ( bubble wrap, hair textures, colorful glitter pastel strokes) as well as super cute drawings of animals. Your concept is strong -now we need to decide how to multiply and even more exaggerate - maybe to remove or reduce some elements that are not working ( like the white borders)..It might be good idea to stick with your theme for the rest of sem and you revise your drawings even further for the final zine project on animals and colors? SIMPLE ADVICE FOR PAGE MAKE UP: In this final page SUMMARY on project you need to include: - brief one sentence description what is your concept-super short! -CAPTION for each image : "My name is ...and I am...." (No.1 is not enough -we will not be searching back to your process to find out what each image means) so THIS page has to have A hierarchy- an arrangement of items in which the images are represented not only as being "above," "below," or "at the same level as" one another but also what they mean- CAPTION or TITLE HEADING. IN CLASS: we can address the final ZINE project as well as The Point Of View project

Final thoughts : with-LIN me

Diane Lim

Monday, Feb 15, 2016 - 01:48:27 am

@ Diane Lim

I really like the rain. This words means continuous rain in chinese. To add a bit of flair to the art work I drew my chinese surname in a rain like manner. I really liked the aftermath of this effect. The clash between the calmness of the rain drops and the harshness of the other character really stuck Read more →

Nice observations and attention to details- by focusing on details you have created interesting and compelling images that are typography at the same time! You have discovered something new and potentially endless. I strongly recommend that you come back to this project for your ZINEs (I will explain in class :)) Simple advice: - make your thumbnails BIGGER- we do not want to need to click on each image to see them bigger - Have HIERARCHY on your page with an arrangement of items: Images in this assignment should have Text CAPTION: “My name is... and I am...” accompanying the thumbnail - I saw your works and they are white - why are they pink white? - Scan your works at 300 dpi- you can have DRAMATIC and intriguing zine design derived from your images close- ups

Final Pieces


Monday, Feb 15, 2016 - 12:54:22 am

@ /kaywerlyn

So after much contemplation and adjustments, these are the final 4 pieces that I’ve chosen and done.

For this project I focused more on the techniques and the way the typography was done and how this shows the different qualities of myself.



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I like the first one because it is very minimal! :)
Aw, thanks Ummi! I like that too :D
It is great to see how your research triggered ideas for such a nice creative output. Mixing and matching ideas for this project will generate i stimulate novel ideas... you can consider focusing on one for your ZINE Project (more i can explain in class) Please consider for this page in OSS: - increase the images- thumbnails are too small - include larger caption or title for each image with a sentence " MY NAME IS...and I AM..." you did include description but we still do not know the main sentence/concept - use one of the images in High Res as a featured image for your post

Typographic Portrait: Selected few

Ummi Kaltsum

Monday, Feb 15, 2016 - 12:49:32 am


So I have chosen a few designs and printed them out for the final 4 pieces!

This is a beautiful image and something like that should be on your final page :) with a corresponding caption under EACH or few selected images " my name is ...and I am.."
please include this image as a featured image for this post :)