Creative Fluency

By: Ina Conradi |

Dear  all,

I was very happy to see how well you did today! You have all clearly demonstrated confidence in the process of ideation (idea+ generation) for Typographic Portrait. Please keep momentum for even more wild and provocative ideas. For execution part let’s be more specific on what technique would work the best for next project.


1> upload the documentation of your project 1 process ( journal?)  and final ouctome photo documentation or digital version of your finals. Due by next week Monday

2> please  read the new brief and look into ways you can re-interpret it. This does not mean changing it, but just change the way you view it- question each point of it ..the brief will tell you only so much., .

3>come up with the quantity of views (minimum 18) for Point Of View project.Please strat sketrching if easier for you. In class we will keep refining the art work concepts and messages it communicates


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