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By: Ina Conradi |

Dear all,

Some of your posts on OSS are all over the place and mixed with your 4D class process/research.

We will have to address in class tomorrow again how to post on OSS. I need to have all of the posts under order before I assign final grade:) So please be in class so we can identify inconsistencies together.

For example, I can see your typographic project under your 4D classes as well as I can see totally unrelated items to 2D from your 4D class. Some of you have created categories that DO NOT match agreed.

Typographic Portrait (research)

Typographic Portrait (process)

Typographic Portrait (final)

I will be notifying you one by one for inconsistencies as well as we will look into it tomorrow in class together of my feed

Please note in regards to OSS UPLOAD
PLEASE MAKE OSS CONSISTENT as the below and check the spelling (for example it is not Typography). Your listing should match the following:

  • OSS Category: Typographic Portrait has OSS Subcategories are research, process, and final
  • They will appear on my feed as: Typographic Portrait (research), Typographic Portrait (process),Typographic Portrait (final)

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