Week 11 and 12 Consultations and on Zine Submission Week 13

By: Ina Conradi |


Dear All, Thank you for posting your gorgeous works! It was great seeing variations on the POC concepts as well as how different your works’ techniques are: from illustration done by hand, using the finest ball-point pen, to watercolor, animated gifs! Digital illustration using illustrator tools, generative art, digital compositing and seamless photomontage. Please use this and next week to focus on 1st Draft of the ZINE layout using your works (POV or Typographic portrait and/or sem one for eight page Zine. 

Final submission of hard copy Zine is in:
WEEK 13, Monday,  April 11.


WEEK 10/ 21. March
Homework Due Week 11:
Sign up for Mandatory Consultation via Google:
Start Working on your 8-page ZINE Layout:

  • Research Pinterest on Zine type and layout: What will be your concept: (Portfolio? one project?  Experimental regurgitation edit of your project?) Color? Black and White? Mood of your Zine? Text? Poem?
  • Prepare and/or scan your work if they are not digital/select
  • Complete first rough draft (select works, hierarchy concept, text?)


WEEK 11/ 28.March
Mandatory Consultations ART 04-32
First Draft for ZINE is due for discussionHomework:
Please sign for your time for week 12 consultation
Complete the layout soft copy Zine Due Week 12

WEEK 12/04.April
Mandatory Consultations ART 04-32
Final DRAFT Soft Copy of Zine is due and ready for print
Printing: DO NOT WAIT FOR SUNDAY last minute TO PRINT



Monday, April 11
Final Submission in 2D classroom at 10 am
Exhibition in 2D classroom  10- noon


WEEK 14 18 April
Final submission of OSS Blog: Finish the uploads. NO CLASS
CD/DVD containing Project 1 and Project 2 (High Res Jpegs) + ZINE pdf; Drop off point for CD will be in front of Ina’s office (you can submit this in week 13 as well)

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