Week 11 Update 2D FDN

By: Ina Conradi |

Dear all,

Thank you all for coming in for consultations!

the project zine is coming along nicely. We have one more week for layout.

We meet one more time on next Monday April 4th for one more round of consultations.

The final ZINE is due April 11 Week 13. There will be NO class after Week 13-only final uploads on OSS of your projects

Week 14-15 will be devoted to OSS archive:uploading anything additional.

So use this and next week exclusively for working on ZINE

Many of you have same questions: “can we go beyond 8 page zine?” YES you can but note that size should stay A5.

ADM Library would like to feature 2D fdn zines in an exhibit 🙂


Art is so not clear – I am open to your suggestions and proposals!!!





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