Week 8: Continuing Works on “Point of View”

By: Ina Conradi |

Dear All,

For those who missed class today I will be in tomorrow in school from 1-6 pm available for consultations because we are in final stage for Point of View Project.

Submission for Point of View Soft Deadline is due next week:
Soft deadline means:

  •  I will NOT grade your works and we will not have formal critique. You still will have to try your best to finish art works.
  • You do NOT have to upload your progress on OSS
  • you exclusively need to work on finalizing your art works. The more completed they are the easier will be to do Final project

The reason for my decision is that I want to have solid content for your zines. As we agreed we will be combining content for zines. It is really important that we are all in class next week as we will be doing introduction to Zine (self-made publication Project) as well as InDesign software.

Week 8 Monday March 7: Working on Point of View
I will upload all of the materials on NTU Learn for Zines if you want to have a look.
Week 9 Monday March 14:

Finishing your Point of View
Introduction to F_I_N_A_L project: Zines
Demo on InDesign by Kapi
Guest Speaker from Vis Com On Zines

Week 10 Monday March 21:
Submission of Point of View: formal critiqueHomework: scanning art works and digitally manipulate content for Zines- experimental Layout
Week 11 Zines- experimental Layout

Homework: continue Zines- experimental Layout

week 12 Monday March 28

Finishing Layout
Printing zine: we will suggest the place in town to print

Week 13 Monday April 4

9:00 am Submission of Zine in person 2D FDN class
Exhibit + festive Critique party ( food will be served)


Week 14 Monday April 11

Submission of “all of the things” (process and research) on OSS -online only no class

Week 15 Monday April 18

Soft copy CD with selection of the best work from sem 2-drop off to Ina’s office

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