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Chapter 2 - queen


Tuesday, Mar 01, 2016 - 12:24:26 pm

@ insertacat

“Welcome, cat, welcome to the heart of Natura!” the flight exclaimed while imitating the typical tour guide. “Here in the castle you can see the queen, and marvel at the beautiful sight of how Natura’s architecture blends in perfectly well with Mother Natureeeeeeeeee!”

Upon landing, Idrienne set down from the flight, and marvelled at the sight of the castle. It was Read more →

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Idrienne: I give the queen an awkward, truncated bow. My tail stiff save for the tip, which twitches sparodically with nervous energy. What would the queen do? What was the point of her questioning? She clearly knew what we were here for, what other reason for that rhetorical question? I bite down on my tongue to keep from saying anything particularly stupid. I'm dealing with royalty here, for crying out loud! This was no time for stupidity, or brashness, or- "Just get on with it, your majesty." Whoops.
Fortunately, the queen seem to pay no heed to your rudeness. "Hahaha, i apologize. I just wanted to try breaking the ice. Looks like It turned out to be quite a stupid question i suppose." The queen laughed it off, hoping to calm down the tense atmosphere. A few moments later, the Queen managed to regain her composure and started talking. "The letter was not sent by mistake. It was sent to the both of you intentionally." [OOC] You have the freedom to ask the queen anything from here on. [/OOC]
I looked around nervously, unsure of what is to come. The queen's room was majestic. I kneeled before the queen and gave her my greetings. Seeing Idrienne question the queen shocked me and it made the atmosphere more tensed than it already was. I heaved a sigh of relief when the queen replied to her patiently. "Pardon this lady my queen, she just had a bad day. Thank you for inviting us to your humble palace. May I know what it is that you seek from us?"
The Queen listened intently to your encounters during your way to the castle. Her expression turned from a jovial and carefree one to a more serious one. "This is quite bad. However, you are all lucky that the people do not know of your letter of summons." "The underground organisation is on their move. We call them "ILU". They plan to take over Natura to its entirety and transform the city from its current state to something else. We cannot let them do this to our city and to the people." "I want you guys to investigate ILU. Go undercover and discover their way of operations. Then make this group disappear silently and gradually" [OOC] It is up to you to accept the job, or refuse (and investigate on your own) [/OOC]

Lore 7: Entertainment


Friday, Feb 26, 2016 - 08:21:16 pm

@ Ping's

There isn’t much entertainment in the poverty stricken town, but on the rare occasions, you can see vendors making malt candy sculptures.

During the afternoon, adults and children alike will gather at a corner on the street and listen to the town’s storyteller weave his tales.

In the sect itself, members will come together to play chess during their free time. Each Read more →

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LORE 7: Entertainment


Thursday, Feb 25, 2016 - 05:12:36 pm

@ Yaaayu's

There are many different forms of entertainment in Craszava as the people there are rich and they can afford to spend on entertainment. There are a few common types of entertainment such as songs and dance which will be held in the pavilion near the central of Craszava. A few other unique entertainments will be shadow puppet show and the Read more →

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Lore 6: Celebration

Isaac Chu

Tuesday, Feb 23, 2016 - 03:07:07 pm

@ Chuwypotter

Outside of the force field, The Poor celebrated nothing but their limited freedom. Every month, Reynolds would gather everyone together to celebrate their freedom from Gregg’s rule and also remind them of the limited and hard fought freedom everyone was entitled to (although technically they are not, since it’s under the jurisdiction of Gregg and his carnivorous subjects; but at Read more →

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