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Authority of Verun

Han Feng

Friday, Jan 29, 2016 - 11:48:20 am

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Verun, or in this regard, Bosei, is governed by Bajin, the Eternal Emperor. Technically Bajin never dies, as he uses clones of himself, known as Lagho in the local tongue, created in the depths of the Bosei Sanitarium. Their origin is unknown.

Lagho retain the memories of their original self, and in this regard, Bajin resurrects himself whenever he dies, either Read more →

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Chapter 1 - Out of the Cauldron, into the Fire.

Han Feng

Monday, Jan 25, 2016 - 10:44:09 pm

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Chapter 1.1 


Ayun and Rukki (henceforth known as Signcraft Beakonwood), squat outside a squalid thatched hut, and wait for the search party to pass by. Naturally gifted and agile, Signcraft, trained as a Spellthief since young, is at home in the shadows. She glances at Ayun, a towering, menacing Abaddon to hide behind a nearby set pillars. Ayun stares Read more →

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"I would suggest us to hide in that shop first!" Signcraft whispered while pointing at the sign 'Emma’s Laundromagica'.
Looking at Ayun, who is obviously AFK, you drags him by the collar (he has a collar?) into Emma's Laundromagica. Dank, dark, and having a stench of wet clothes, both of you enter the shop, Ayun albeit unceremoniously. Ayun stands right in front of the entrance, staring into space. As you head inwards past a pile of clothes, a petite old lady appears from the back of the shop. Two lanterns light up behind you, and you see a globe of fire forming in her right hand, her left hand firmly grasping a walking stick. "We are not open now," she hissed. "What do you want at this ungodly hour?"
Signcraft put her fingers on her lips, signalling the old lady to be quiet. As she peek out of the window to see the where the soulsearcher was. "We mean no harm! I am so sorry but we really have to use your place for awhile." Signcraft begged desperately. She turned around and shake Ayun, "Hey, wake up! What happen to you!"
The old lady mutters "You Bosei have been constantly demanding more gold from me, and now you send your henchmen to intrude upon my slumber? Be gone with you, or I will burn you to a crisp!" Old woman (name unknown) HP: Unknown STR: Unknown AGI: Unknown INT: 1337 Roll 1d6 + your agility to convince the old lady. OR Roll 1d6 + your strength to intimidate the old lady. Link to six-sided die:
Convince the old lady 1D6=5 Agility=4 Total=9 "God dammit, lady, we are not here for your money." Signcraft barked back.
The old lady hesitates for awhile, and gestures in the air. A bright red light radiates, and it appears that you are emanating an aura. "A Marked! You are not one of Bosei's men! What are you doing here? No wonder there was a din just now, Bosei must have been sending the entire army after you! Ha! However, it is not the time for questions, head upstairs, I have a spare guestroom that you could use for the night. I will entertain you at dawn, an old lady needs her rest." The old lady waves, and a dim red light reveals a doorway to your left. She hobbles back into the darkness. Ayun is still standing at the entrance, he may have fallen asleep. You drag him into the room. The room is small, but there are two beds to the side. You sit down on one, and toss Ayun onto the other. He collapses unceremoniously on the bed. Sitting on your bed, you scan the surroundings. There is a small keepsake box, probably locked, on a drawer next to your bed. There is a nightstand next to Ayun, and a dusty wardrobe to your right. There are scratches on the wooden wall, and you see some runes, probably an enchantment. You may not sneak out, as the Bosei are still on high alert, and you will be discovered. After choosing an action , you will rest for the night. What will you do now?
Signcraft walked towards the wooden wall, intrigued by the mysterious runes. She run her fingers through the engravings, trying to make out what it symbolizes. [OOC] You will tell me what it symbolizes. Right????
While running her fingers through the engravings on the wall, Signcraft catches a splinter in her index finger! Ouch! Signcraft temporarily takes a reduction of 1 in STR. She senses something magical in the runes, and tries to decipher what it means. Roll 2d6, and add twice your intelligence. If it exceeds 12, Signcraft will be able to understand what those runes mean. Else, the runes fade from view.
2D6 = 6 + 4 Intelligent = 2 Total = 12
Ayun begins to toss in his sleep and rolls off the narrow bed. He wakes up in the most irritable of moods. He was groggy and disorientated from just waking up. “It certainly took long enough for that old lady to let us in. Such magnificent service. I was afraid we’d have to sleep on the streets” said Ayun as he got up from the floor. He turned to face Signcraft and immediately noticed the wall as well. He didn’t understand any of it. He sees the swelling finger of her’s and says “I fall asleep for a few minutes and you’ve managed to get hurt. Great. I sincerely hope that was worth it. Well, any idea what it means?”
[OOC]Rolls of the same number is considered as failing a roll [/OOC] Signcraft manages to deciper the runes partially before they fade out. "You...." "Are..." "Wasting your time." Signcraft slaps her forehead. "Damn it old lady!" [OOC] Continued under Kaysie's reply [/OOC]
As Signcraft epically failed at her attempt at deciphering the runes, the two of you return back to sleep. You wake up just as dawn breaks. You kick Signcraft's bed. "Wake up, fool" Signcraft rolls off her bed and wakes up groggily, albeit slightly shocked, sitting on the floor. The old lady from yesterday hobbles into the room. "Ah, you're awake! Good. You guys better leave before the Bosei guards come by again." Ayun questions her. "Where do we go now, granny?" The old lady replies, "To the north lies a small settlement which has a famous tavern in this region. You may want to check out rumours here. To the east is a village, which I believe are sympathetic to the Katrai. I think there's a partisan cell there. The great Temple lies to the south, but I don't think you should go by there, it is always under heavy watch and guard." Ayun thanks the old lady for her help. As the two of you exit her house, you decide to plan where to go. -Hint- Please note that once you choose a location, the other location may not be accessed. If both of you are conflicted about which location to go, the one with the higher charisma chooses the location. Charisma is calculated by 0.5*(AGI+INT) +1d6.
Charisma = 0.5*6 + 4 = 7 "The north would be wise. A tarven would be a nice place to hide from and I could really use a good bath and food."
"Agreed. It'd be foolish to go to the south and the east doesn't sound too enticing at this point. To the north is it then. I just hope we don't draw too much unwanted attention in a place like that."


Han Feng

Friday, Jan 15, 2016 - 12:09:31 pm

@ hfmak

Verun is a large country, flanked by icy swathes of tundra to the north and south, and a large piece of land covered almost permanently by fog and haze, known as the Cloud. Much of the country is dominated by the official state known as Bosei, and the illegal state of Katra is situated right inside the Cloud. The once united states Read more →

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Name: Signcraft Beakonwood Sex: Female Race: Amor Class: Spellthief
Rukki has been renamed as Signcraft Beakonwood.
Name: Ayun Gender: Male Race: Abaddon Class: Sentinel
[OOC] Hey, for some reason my lore doesn't appear on the class page so here's the link! Sorry I posted it long ago but I just realised it doesn't show up.