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LORE: Night Parade~Seek a Light in the Darkness

Zhi Min

Thursday, Jan 21, 2016 - 03:28:26 pm

@ AzhiDminM

Night Parade~ Seek a Light in the Darkness


The story is set in Hyan Era of Japan. In this period, the city is under a curse that has caused it always in the night. Sun will never rise. There are a lot of demons come out because of the power of darkness. They have to absorb the vital essence of Read more →

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[OOC] I threw the dice and got 10, is it the smaller or larger number? Haha
[OOC] I'm so so so sorry for the late response, I thought I left a comment already but turns out the comment didnt go through? I rolled an 8, is that a larger number as well? Element: Metal Backstory: [OOC] I'll write this once I know whether I'm Kyo or Abe. Spirits: [OOC] I'll write this once I know who I am as well.