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Shea Chapter One | The need to improve

Gary Chia

Wednesday, Jan 27, 2016 - 07:23:32 pm

@ garythesnail

The broadcast of the tragedy throughout Shea meant for awareness inevitably brought about increasing worrying small talks throughout the world. Some of the Sheans who are more afraid of getting carried away to nothingness even resorted to sleeping outside of their houses and on the ground with fewer craters. Life is still pretty much the same except for the decrease in efficiency Read more →

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Rolled dice 4 + 6 = 10 (+2) Overall agility: 12 "Scandent... petioles.. Adlumia fungosa... don't wash my friend away...." muttered Klaus as he slowly opened his eyes from among the mountain of books he was reading. It was bright out and there was a loud humming noise like that of frequency and static in his ears. It turns out to be the other Sheans screaming and panicking, scrambling to a vacant vine. It slowly settled into his groggy sleep deprived brain, still blissfully (or horribly) unaware of impending doom. With a loud piercing scream in the distance, Klaus' eyes jolted open. Reality settled in unpleasantly and he got up in one swift panicked motion, knocking over a pile of books aptly titled "How To: Hang In There - a guide to surviving Shean floods for dummies " "HOLY CRAP HOW COULD I BE SO DUMB", Klaus yelled angrily as he tried to gather his books into a hole in the tree trunk to prevent them from being washed away. Pages were flying and waters were starting to settle in, causing Klaus to be even more flustered especially since he wasn't very agile to begin with. Ironically he was studying how to survive better in such situations but he made the worst mistake of falling asleep in one of the Dead Zones where there only escape was to climb really high up. In his fluster, Klaus didn't seem to notice that Kappa was hanging onto a Riah from not far away, looking upon his flustered mess. Klaus had about a few seconds to go before the floods would wash him away and he had to get his hands onto a Riah and climb with all his might - or hold on for his dear life. Kappa seemed to be thinking about a plan to get them both up and away to safety while on the Riah. Klaus was probably really lucky because Kappa was a really good climber - hopefully this would get them both out alive without losing any more of their kind.
35th trip at such an early time of the day might have been a record even for Kappa. (OOC: …How do they collect the nitrogen exactly? In bottles? ..sorry ill keep pestering you with questions X”D) He was pretty tired, and was just considering a break. It’s about time to enjoy some of the abundant salty water anyways. Maybe make his way home with plenty of time to spare to avoid the daily flood, and come back to make a few dozen nitrogen trips more after that. However, he was about half way down the Riah when the signs of the flood started. He has no confidence of getting even to the closest shelter before the water hits, so he was resolved to just hold on where he was. He was tired, and the timing of the flood was early. But most Sheans are almost always prepared for the flood given that it is a daily occurance. Apparently not the Shean he spotted lying motionless on the ground between the piles of books. They didn’t know each other personally, but Kappa has seen him around. The memory of his face is blurred and mixed with the mountain of books it’s usually covered by. Kappa furrowed his brows. What was his name? Klaud? Kalus? Sincerely hoping he wasn’t riddled with some unknown fainting disease, Kappa was about to shout when he saw the Shean leaped to motion after a piercing scream from the distance. And then he was running around looking for a shelter--- FOR HIS BOOKS?! Kappa groaned internally. This is no time for that, the flood is rising already. His frown turned into a full scowl when he see the flustered Shean trying and failing to get a grip on the nearest Riah. As the water rise some more, Kappa panicked and makes a split second decision, jumping towards the Riah Kalus (?) was on. In the process, he slide another half of the distance to the bottom, only slightly above the other Shean who is already submerged from the waist down. Kappa bent over as much as possible and held out his hands, calling out: “Klaud! Grad my hands I’ll pull you up!” (Kappa was probably more affected by the tragedy than he lets on, and part of the reason why he pushes himself so hard in the past three days was to avoid thinking about the implications of the incident. Acquiring more nitrogen was a help he could offer. Keeping the Riahs in the ground was not. Helping another Shean? Perhaps he could with some luck. )
[OOC] It is okay! Ask more so it can set me thinking hahaha. They collect it by holding it in with their further expanded lungs from doing way more vigorous activities by climbing up the Riahs on a daily basis. Then after, releasing it by breathing the unused nitrogen out at ground level for it to linger and for other Sheans to consume.

Truccozio Chapter 1: The Convocation

Nathalie Au

Wednesday, Jan 27, 2016 - 07:12:50 pm

@ nathalie_nathalie

The citizens of Truccozio are called to gather at the central market place for a very important meeting by the chancellor, Aaron. Truccozion guards surround them like a fence at an animal farm and ordered them to fall in. The guards walk down each row, removing each Truccozion’s maschera in the process. Alarmed by this, the Truccozions start to protest and some Read more →

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I shared with Karl about my observations during the stay in the cell while gulping the verdura liquid, trying to save some for him too. 'The prison guards would always change every 4 hours. During this time of change, they would have some information from the Chancellor. They mentioned that in order to get out of here, I have to tell them who the person is that led me to get a face but it would mean that the Chancellor will brainwash everyone to serve him.' Karl stared at me with disgust as I did not want to sacrifice myself to save him. I convinced him to listen to what I have in mind. 'Every time to guard comes over to give you a mediocre bowl of verdura liquid, you try to see where the keys are. When you have seen it, discuss with me. Next, when the verdura liquid is done return the bowl by sliding it out to the guard. Then I'll pretend to get into a fight with you to get out while getting hold of the keys and throw it over to you to get yourself out. I'll try to squirm my way out of the guard hold and meet you at the Faccia town.'

(REVLIS) Chapter: 1 - Rumours


Tuesday, Jan 26, 2016 - 09:18:51 pm

@ A150046


Donning on the long black robe I always wear, I glance at the mirror. The soft glow from the white orbs made me look kind of unfriendly. I let my jet black long hair fall and it covers my face. I leave the room to have a run.

My backstory? I was born without parents (I wonder what happened to them?…), and grew up kind of Read more →

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Waking up to that much chattering, I was curious as to what was happening. I was thinking, how much time will it take for me to just run to the plaza to check out what was happening, then go back to trimming the forest after. I jumped out of bed, wasting no time and sprinted off to the plaza to check things out. At the speed I was running, I reached it in no time...
*****Olumide's story As you approach the plaza, you see the bonfire glowing as usual. There are always people around but today, it seems like there are more than twice the number of people. There is a huge group of people crowding around someone, but you can't see who/what it is. Another group of people are cheering loudly and dancing around the bonfire. Looking away from the sources of babble, you notice two of your housemates standing to the side, and a lone figure sitting a little further away.
I quickly wake up; wear my red hooded poncho and bash towards the plaza. I'm not really interested with the housemates and prefer to know what's going on. Being small sized, i try to squeeze my way through the crowd.
*****Aria's story Before you can squeeze through the crowd to the center, a hand grabs you and you're forced to turn your head to look. It's Rick (see Lore: Authority). He raises an eyebrow. "Aren't you supposed to be trimming your favourite hill right now? I thought that was the one job you bother doing." As he lectures you, the other voices around distract you. "Hey, let me touch that!" "Ahh, move aside, I wanna see!" What do you do now? Will you struggle free from Rick's grasp and squeeze past the crowd (roll STR)? Convince him to let you see what's going on (roll INT)? Go to trim the forest? [OOC] They are Olumide's housemates!
[OOC] My bad! I try to convince him to let me see what's going on. [OOC] I got 14 (Roll 11 + INT 3)
[OOC] haha it's okay, just clarifying, you didn't interact with them anyway xD *****Aria's story You try to convince Rick. (insert some convincing speech, up to you if you want to fill it in (doesn't really matter, I guess)) Rick looks sympathetic. He pats you on the shoulder. "Alright, it is a huge thing after all. Go ahead, but do help me out later. We really need the manpower." You slip through the crowd and try your best to see what's in the middle. There's a strange red orb, it isn't emanating any light, unlike those around in town. The colour also doesn't seem quite right, almost like it's darker, compared to usual. You aren't really sure why this different looking orb is causing so much commotion, when you suddenly pick out snippets of a conversation between some townspeople walking away from the crowd. "Yeah ... he kind of ... out of nowhere ... from the air ..." "...right there? ...was he..." "... to ... house ..." What do you do now? [OOC] If you have no idea what to do/what you can do, you can ask for suggestions hahaha

Danraxelia Chapter 1: Brave New World

Pang Xin

Tuesday, Jan 26, 2016 - 01:02:27 pm

@ Pumpkins Cats and Doodles

It was right before sunset when the sea dipped like a waterfall.

The mist before them had taken the pale tint of purple and the fading pinkish greenish hue of the darkening sky, and before they realized, the hazy horizon line had come unusually close to the ship.

Though panicked, Read more →

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Beam: My face brightens up as I see the new city. "Wooh!" I run to the ship inventory and pull out a hang glider with much effort, then strap the glider on and climb to the side of the ship. I am getting ready to leap off the ship when I see a Human preparing to leave the ship too. I know that person, I have heard of him from the Human friend who made the staff for me. That person is Dom.
Dom: I could not stand being on this ship anymore (land person), so i packed up my things to make the leap. Inventory(Rucksack): Food provisions, Rope, Medical Kit, Army knife, handgun, ammo and some mechanical components. I wore the mechanical wings i invented (ever ready guy), put on my air tight goggles, deployed and jumped. There was no looking back
Initially, the flight was smooth, taking Dom exactly where he wanted towards the city, and he can’t help feeling satisfied at his own craftsmanship while enjoying the newfound freedom of flight. However, the mechanical wings have only been tested once or twice, and never has he flown too long or too far from the ship. As he drifted down, the upward thrust of the misty warm air was much stronger than at sea level, and he seem to have heard something rattle to his right. He began to lose control of the right wing and will perhaps need to make an emergency landing. Go to and roll two dice to determine where you will land! (OOC: Also please feel free to elaborate on this paragraph w Dom’s experience/reaction/emotion~ And maybe a bit of thoughts like. Is he envisioning what he’ll see at the city? Or will he miss anyone on the ship? It’s a rash decision… OAO. (I dun mean to be too demanding but I want to have a clearer grasp of his thoughts and personality ><)) And I hope I’m envisioning the wings correctly (like bird wings? Or bug? I didn’t expect the wings idea and its cooll *w*))
Dom jumped off the ship without noticing Beam. Now Beam can: 1. Jump off on his own, roll 2 dice at to determine where you will land! 2. Try to follow Dom with his glider~ How do you react when you see Dom loosing control of his mechanical wings? Either options describe your thoughts (Consider: Parents, the Giowel that taught you? It was a rash decision will there be regrets, or he is too excited to consider those at the moment? XD) and maybe the journey a bit~ *w*
[OOC] 1. Jump off on my own: I got 7!
Beam: There's no need for Mom & Dad and Phin(the Giowel teaching me) to be worried about me, I'm just going down there to get a better idea of the city then come right back up! I'm good with the glider; I'll be fine. It'll be real quick anyway! I leap off the ship and glide freely towards the city, enjoying the breeze, then circle a little above the city. The idea of setting foot on land for the first time puts a silly grin on my face heheh
[OOC] I got 7 too Dom: When i realised that the right wing was not responding well, i panicked for a few millisecond but manage to get my cool back. I was so thrilled to hit land again but was a bit sceptical also, because i was landing on unknown territory. The only person that i would actually miss on the ship would be Jack the old man, he was one fine inventor whom provided me with mechanical components for my own invention/prototypes. (Dom misses his famiy a lot too) [OOC] Yeah they look like bird wings. Made from magnalium feathers that can catch the wind. It also has some propellers to give him the lift.
(OOC: Yay thanks for your replies~! It seems having you both settle into the city in chapter one is a bit ambitious, so Chapter 1 shall just end here where you both are finally reaching land~ Let's continue in the next chapter! *w*)
(OOC: Yay thanks for your replies~! It seems having you both settle into the city in chapter one is a bit ambitious, so Chapter 1 shall just end here as you both are finally about to land~ Let's continue in the next chapter! *w*)

The Insecure One: Chapter 1- Rallied

Issabel Andrew

Tuesday, Jan 26, 2016 - 12:27:54 am

@ Madness and Scuzabel

Day 1

Despite the only recent reversal of the rot and waste that made up their immediate surroundings, survivors of every trade and calling zipped, wheeled, sped, glided and soared over the lands and through the skies with a detached, yet unanimous, air of joy.

Although destined to be short lived, this lighthearted anticipation was the Read more →

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Once the caravan had come to a halt, Blake had stayed behind - doing quick but essential repairs. Although the matters of loosened bolts and rivets may seem trivial, Blake had learnt at an early age that such minor details have the potential to become fatal during one of Inse's turns. Blake was in the midst of tightening the hexicord compressor when he heard a loud explosion. Grabbing an old, rusty rifle from the caravan, he ran to the scene - just in time to catch the exchange between Esther and the appearance of Doubter. Blake narrowed his eyes - Saboteurs. The scumbags of the world. Blake raised the rifle and aimed it at Doubter. "It would be interesting to see what happens first. Maybe I'll shoot you as you stand right now, Saboteur. Or maybe that bomb you're holding will explode and send us all back to the realm of greater Gods. Either way - you die." As he spoke, Blake walked towards the centre of the group keeping his rifle trained on Doubter. Carefully coming to rest face to face with Doubter, Blake stood in front of Esther, shielding her from the confrontation. With a brief tilt of his head, Blake motioned her to get out of the way. Esther, after a hesitant glance at Blake and her father, ran back to safety at the edge of the rim.
[OOC] Hey Hannah sorry I wasn't clear The caravan is Yingli's and the girl mentioned is her sister :b You're currently cloaked and hidden at the rim of the crater
[OOC] Hey Belle, I'm rewriting it again. Thanks for clarifying. I watched the act of Doubter pulling the bomb to get the survivors fearful. I decided to walk towards the confrontation between them to see how I can push them of Inse sight to get Doubter out of the sticky situation. I heard Doubter saying: 'You little girl too afraid of fighting me so you got yourself a boy to do your job instead. Then in the first place you should not have challenged me.' I smiled and decided to change my walking direction to the girl, Esther instead. With my cloak, I carefully ran towards her with a dagger on my hand.
[OOC] Just a note, it is only possible to fall out of Inse's gaze when you are in either of the Peripherals. Right now you are both situated in the middle grounds, the safe zone. Continuing... Everything happened at once. As Esther tried to get back to the edge of the rim, Luelle intercepted her with the knife, and hearing Esther cry out, Blake glanced back. Taking the opportunity to act, Doubter swiped the barrel of the rifle to the side and threw down the bomb, and instinctively, everyone else leaped away. Saboteur bombs were known to be excessive and over the top, and onlookers turned and ran, the group that had arrived with Sergo abandoning the confrontation and getting onto the vehicle. Everyone fled, leaving behind Blake, Esther, Luelle, Doubter and the lone caravan still sitting at the rim of the crater. Doubter had jumped Blake the moment the bomb had hit the floor, the two fighting to overpower each other, but seeing everyone gone, Doubter began yelling. "Easy, easy-that's enough, they're gone!" Throwing Blake off, he stepped back. The bomb laid on the floor beside them; nothing happened. "It's a dud. Who knows why Sergo was carrying it around." He looked over the other three. Luelle, emerging out of her cloak, shoved the girl aside. While the severity of the situation had diminished, the tension of the two very different groups, survivors and saboteurs, remained.
[OOC] You can decide what to do from here. It is only Blake, Luelle, Esther and Doubter in the crater, with Blake's family caravan and father at the rim a few meters away
Getting up from the ground, Blake glared at Doubter before glancing back at Esther who seemed shaken - but otherwise unhurt. "What are you Saboteurs doing in these parts anyway? These are Survivor grounds. The excitement of the Peripherals seem more suited to your lifestyle." Blake gave a disdainful look at Doubter and Luelle, picking up the rifle and heading back towards Esther and the caravan. "We don't need your kind here. We have enough trouble as it is." Grabbing Esther's hand, Blake walked steadily back to the caravan. ____________________ [OOC] During the initial confrontation Blake badly wanted to kill Doubter. Blake's first instinct when he got to the scene was to shoot Doubter. He decided against it only because Doubter was holding a bomb which was likely to explode and injure Esther. After the events of the mini fight with Doubter (and finding out that the bomb is a hoax), Blake is currently making a supreme effort to leave the scene without causing a scene that may get Esther injured. Blake's first objective is still to protect Esther and his father first. Revenge always comes second.
Even as Blake returns to the caravan the sound of an oncoming vehicle grows louder, and pulling up in front of the caravan the group of 4 from before stops, but do not get off, their vehicle. As if the earlier confrontation had been wiped from their minds, they look to Blake with a strange mix of excitement and anxiety in their eyes, and even acknowledge Luelle and Doubter who are still standing in the crater without any sign of animosity. "You guys need to get to the Docking Grounds. Sergo's calling for everyone to gather." Doubter cut in at that. "Sergo calling a meeting? Since when have we ever even had meetings?" The men in the vehicle began to answer. "Because they're saying it's true; that they've proven it: Inse's turn is catching up with us, and if it keeps speeding up we're all doomed." "But Sergo's saying he has a plan to fix all this. To fix everything." "He's even calling on you Saboteurs. He's saying to cut the bullshit and save your antics for what's coming, cause you'll be able to put em to good use." "Everything will be explained at the Docking Grounds. We suggest you be there." They speed off to spread the message. The Docking Grounds was the name of the land where the airships and balloons anchored themselves in times of stillness. While access to the air vessels were restricted, the lands beneath it were only somewhat more tolerable. For Sergo to be allowed to gather people there, however, and with Saboteurs, something really important must be going to happen. What do you do?
Blake's father stood still at this unexpected news. "Fix everything. Sergo's says he's gonna fix everything." Blake's father repeated. He seemed to be speaking distantly - more to himself rather than anyone else. There was almost a faint glimmer of excitement and hope in his eyes. "We have heard these theories before. None of them have worked and none of them probably will. And we don't need to be part of any plan that involves Saboteurs!" Blake said impatiently to his father. "But just think son - what if there is a new world out there! A world with no Inse, no more running. A world where we can finally find some peace." Esther looked excitedly at her father's words. "You mean we can finally have a pretty house like in the old stories?" Blake looked at the excitement in Esther's eyes and groaned. "Alright. We'll just go and see what they want. But it's bound to be a waste of time."
I regretted not laying my hands down on Esther and moved away with disgust. I stared angrily at Blake before going towards Doubter and asking him if he was alright. *talking to Doubter as he sweeps off the dust from his clothes * "I do not understand why the survivors always think that the whole place is theirs, are we not allowed to roam around?" Doubter nodded in agreement with me as we walked towards the other direction. *talking to Doubter again while covering myself with the cloak* "Anyway, do you know that the bomb was a hoax or all along you were playing with them?" *Doubter replied* "No clue as to why Sergo had a saboteurs bomb with them, probably making us look bad to get into more trouble. I need to find out why but before that let make our way back to the group to let them know what had happened." I agreed reluctantly and walked back while looking back grudgingly at Esther and Blake.

Chapter 1 - Out of the Cauldron, into the Fire.

Han Feng

Monday, Jan 25, 2016 - 10:44:09 pm

@ hfmak

Chapter 1.1 


Ayun and Rukki (henceforth known as Signcraft Beakonwood), squat outside a squalid thatched hut, and wait for the search party to pass by. Naturally gifted and agile, Signcraft, trained as a Spellthief since young, is at home in the shadows. She glances at Ayun, a towering, menacing Abaddon to hide behind a nearby set pillars. Ayun stares Read more →

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"I would suggest us to hide in that shop first!" Signcraft whispered while pointing at the sign 'Emma’s Laundromagica'.
Looking at Ayun, who is obviously AFK, you drags him by the collar (he has a collar?) into Emma's Laundromagica. Dank, dark, and having a stench of wet clothes, both of you enter the shop, Ayun albeit unceremoniously. Ayun stands right in front of the entrance, staring into space. As you head inwards past a pile of clothes, a petite old lady appears from the back of the shop. Two lanterns light up behind you, and you see a globe of fire forming in her right hand, her left hand firmly grasping a walking stick. "We are not open now," she hissed. "What do you want at this ungodly hour?"
Signcraft put her fingers on her lips, signalling the old lady to be quiet. As she peek out of the window to see the where the soulsearcher was. "We mean no harm! I am so sorry but we really have to use your place for awhile." Signcraft begged desperately. She turned around and shake Ayun, "Hey, wake up! What happen to you!"
The old lady mutters "You Bosei have been constantly demanding more gold from me, and now you send your henchmen to intrude upon my slumber? Be gone with you, or I will burn you to a crisp!" Old woman (name unknown) HP: Unknown STR: Unknown AGI: Unknown INT: 1337 Roll 1d6 + your agility to convince the old lady. OR Roll 1d6 + your strength to intimidate the old lady. Link to six-sided die:
Convince the old lady 1D6=5 Agility=4 Total=9 "God dammit, lady, we are not here for your money." Signcraft barked back.
The old lady hesitates for awhile, and gestures in the air. A bright red light radiates, and it appears that you are emanating an aura. "A Marked! You are not one of Bosei's men! What are you doing here? No wonder there was a din just now, Bosei must have been sending the entire army after you! Ha! However, it is not the time for questions, head upstairs, I have a spare guestroom that you could use for the night. I will entertain you at dawn, an old lady needs her rest." The old lady waves, and a dim red light reveals a doorway to your left. She hobbles back into the darkness. Ayun is still standing at the entrance, he may have fallen asleep. You drag him into the room. The room is small, but there are two beds to the side. You sit down on one, and toss Ayun onto the other. He collapses unceremoniously on the bed. Sitting on your bed, you scan the surroundings. There is a small keepsake box, probably locked, on a drawer next to your bed. There is a nightstand next to Ayun, and a dusty wardrobe to your right. There are scratches on the wooden wall, and you see some runes, probably an enchantment. You may not sneak out, as the Bosei are still on high alert, and you will be discovered. After choosing an action , you will rest for the night. What will you do now?
Signcraft walked towards the wooden wall, intrigued by the mysterious runes. She run her fingers through the engravings, trying to make out what it symbolizes. [OOC] You will tell me what it symbolizes. Right????
While running her fingers through the engravings on the wall, Signcraft catches a splinter in her index finger! Ouch! Signcraft temporarily takes a reduction of 1 in STR. She senses something magical in the runes, and tries to decipher what it means. Roll 2d6, and add twice your intelligence. If it exceeds 12, Signcraft will be able to understand what those runes mean. Else, the runes fade from view.
2D6 = 6 + 4 Intelligent = 2 Total = 12
Ayun begins to toss in his sleep and rolls off the narrow bed. He wakes up in the most irritable of moods. He was groggy and disorientated from just waking up. “It certainly took long enough for that old lady to let us in. Such magnificent service. I was afraid we’d have to sleep on the streets” said Ayun as he got up from the floor. He turned to face Signcraft and immediately noticed the wall as well. He didn’t understand any of it. He sees the swelling finger of her’s and says “I fall asleep for a few minutes and you’ve managed to get hurt. Great. I sincerely hope that was worth it. Well, any idea what it means?”
[OOC]Rolls of the same number is considered as failing a roll [/OOC] Signcraft manages to deciper the runes partially before they fade out. "You...." "Are..." "Wasting your time." Signcraft slaps her forehead. "Damn it old lady!" [OOC] Continued under Kaysie's reply [/OOC]
As Signcraft epically failed at her attempt at deciphering the runes, the two of you return back to sleep. You wake up just as dawn breaks. You kick Signcraft's bed. "Wake up, fool" Signcraft rolls off her bed and wakes up groggily, albeit slightly shocked, sitting on the floor. The old lady from yesterday hobbles into the room. "Ah, you're awake! Good. You guys better leave before the Bosei guards come by again." Ayun questions her. "Where do we go now, granny?" The old lady replies, "To the north lies a small settlement which has a famous tavern in this region. You may want to check out rumours here. To the east is a village, which I believe are sympathetic to the Katrai. I think there's a partisan cell there. The great Temple lies to the south, but I don't think you should go by there, it is always under heavy watch and guard." Ayun thanks the old lady for her help. As the two of you exit her house, you decide to plan where to go. -Hint- Please note that once you choose a location, the other location may not be accessed. If both of you are conflicted about which location to go, the one with the higher charisma chooses the location. Charisma is calculated by 0.5*(AGI+INT) +1d6.
Charisma = 0.5*6 + 4 = 7 "The north would be wise. A tarven would be a nice place to hide from and I could really use a good bath and food."
"Agreed. It'd be foolish to go to the south and the east doesn't sound too enticing at this point. To the north is it then. I just hope we don't draw too much unwanted attention in a place like that."

Danraxelia Lore: Transport

Pang Xin

Monday, Jan 25, 2016 - 05:19:13 pm

@ Pumpkins Cats and Doodles

Long post warning.

Danraxelia is just one city in this world (The world is called Vo’a; but this probably will not be very important in the subsequent story)

Water Transport

As this world is more than 90% water, the most common form of transport in this world is by ship.

In their homeland, they have a variety of different ships by different races and Read more →

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Chapter 1: Shadows of the Wyre

Toh Ying Li

Monday, Jan 25, 2016 - 12:53:58 pm

@ Ying Li

(Nighttime: Above the Clockwork mines)

A small figure crawled out off a narrow ventilator. The figure blinked as he gazed at the sudden brilliance of stars and the glorious expense of open space. The city lay spread like a map around him and the labyrinth houses of the Human lands were quiet as the city slept.

This was the fifth Read more →

Categories: Emergent Dreams
Sky: I don’t know what I was thinking when I threw that rock. I can’t see his eyes under the hood, but judging from his movements, the Wyre is staring at me. Maybe it helps that I can’t see his eyes, for I did not feel the immediate urge to flinch away. He doesn’t seem too threatening. Well, aside from the fact that he just killed 15 people… But they betrayed him first though didn’t they? Should I have hit him with the rock by accident, he would probably kill me too. But now that I helped him… I continued staring as I pondered over my options. He certainly shows no sign of coming up to the roof, and I can’t help a tinge of disappointment as I discover he probably can’t fly. Well then. I retreated from the edge of the roof and head down the building. This is my chance. Even if he kills me, it cannot be worse than going back to the mines. But just in case, I got some dust and dirt and rubbed it on my face, as well as covering up the marking on my hands. There’s no helping my slave clothing, but if I need to run hopefully he won’t be able to identify me again. I whipped my sweaty palms on my pants and gulped as I peeked around the corner. He is still there, searching the old man’s body. I took a grit my teeth and walked towards him, trying to meet his gaze under the hood. “H…hey, I can… (I can't help but wince, what can I do??) I……. I can help you get rid of the bodies! But only if you help me in turn.”
OOC: Typo! Last para *I took a deep breath, set my jaws and walked towards him- Also just wondering, did you edit or draw the pictures yourself? OwO
[OOC] xD Nope, they are internet pictures but I sometimes edit them in photoshop to suit the story if I need to
B) Refuse to help. While it would be regrettable to refuse aid, the boy clearly knows nothing of the investigation and may become an unwelcome complication. "What do you want?", I sneered at the dark gritty figure of a slave. “H…hey, I can… (I can’t help but wince, what can I do??) I……. I can help you get rid of the bodies! But only if you help me in turn.” I groaned and looked down at the frozen old man in front of me. His eyes wide with fear and mouth left hanging open in an almost comical way - I scoffed. After using my skills on so many of my enemies, I've never actually stopped to 'admire' its effects. It was amusing in a sick kind of way, then again, this was the way of the Wyres. Clearly, I was lost in my thoughts. I coughed and returned to focus on reality, trying to keep up a fierce and serious facade. "You need help? From me? I'm not quite sure if you understand with whom you are speaking with, little slave", I said nonchalantly as I finished up with the old man. Human life is truly so fragile isn't it? I would help this seemingly innocent human slave who happened to stumble upon my acts, but that was exactly the reason why I was hesitating. I had a mission to do - and the lives that I take are not without reasoning. A mere human would not understand that. Why would I even want to associate myself with someone whose life is can end so easily? Someone so susceptible to my kind. Then it was more rambling from the little slave about how we could end up in a mutually beneficial relationship. It droned on and on for a while, clearly due to how nervous he was. It was kind of adorable, I wouldn't lie. It'd be kind of me to offer assistance, and it'd also be quite interesting of a change from my mundane and serious task. But I knew for the good of my mission and to prevent future complications, I had to be a hard ass about it. "No." "-but..." "I said no. I cannot help you. And If you were to be smart enough, you'd leave the matter at rest, turn around and leave. Quickly. Before I change my mind. There are some things a mere mortal would struggle to grasp - and consider it a form of kindness that i'm letting you leave right now unscathed." I looked gravely into the eyes of the slave. I didn't even catch his name when he was rambling on about it. I thought that it was for the best. [OOC] The Wyres spoke differently. With less tact. I think it shows in his speech. Kanin sounds really high and mighty haha sorry guys. I hope I did it right. I wonder how Sky's going to react to such meanness.
So he flatly declined my offer. “Not entirely surprising. I’ll just have to convince him.” I thought to myself as I started thinking aloud and rambling on about how I could be of use to this Wyre. But that was clearly another mistake. He looks mildly amused at the nerves I betrayed, but his stance remain unchanged: “I said no. I cannot help you. And If you were to be smart enough, you’d leave the matter at rest, turn around and leave. Quickly. Before I change my mind. There are some things a mere mortal would struggle to grasp – and consider it a form of kindness that i’m letting you leave right now unscathed.” His eyes bore into mine as though pushing me away with his mere gaze. I gave him my best “troubled and determined look”, drawing my lips into a straight line and dipping my brows slightly, I stared right back at him, trying to stand my ground. This lasted an eternity of 10 seconds before I looked away, as was in my habits as a slave. The skies are showing the faintest tint of a lighter shade, and he was probably right: If I want to leave, it will be now or never. I gritted my teeth again and briefly considered asking him about my markings as a last ditched effort. But he was after all still a stranger, and that was too big of a risk for me to take. I bowed to him slightly, pursed my lips and ran back up the building, climbing back down ventilator shaft, all without a backward glance.
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Danraxelia Lore: Shadows of the Races

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(OOC: Giowels are the longest because they are the most confusing race setting I think X”D. Anything unclear about any race or setting we can explore together! ^w^)

Giowels: Magic are cast with their essence. Their total essence depends on their age, where

1-20 yrs: 1 essence gained per year (Age 20= 20 essence) 20-40 yrs: 2 essence gained per year (Age 40 = 60 essence) etc.

And the elements Read more →

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Chapter 1 // LLTM

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Kuroko sits in his apartment in central Osaka and sighs. The Yakuza has been a mess lately. It’s hilarious how his own men were dying because of suspicion amongst themselves causing murders out of fear. It was hard to calm a large bunch of angry mobsters down when they have caught wind of possible undercover cops that could end their Read more →

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I would recommend a Toyota AE86, as it is lightweight, has a powerful engine and has great balance (and used in many street races). It also doesn't have the broad rear-end style of other Toyotas used by prominent yakuza. I would prefer not to travel by the inland highway number 3 though it is the shortest route, I think we should go by the coastal route (highway 4/5). If the Oyabun believes it is still too dangerous, we could always take the JR line from Osaka to Shinnomiya in Kobe, though he would have to be significantly up his concealment or disguise. Shinkansen is another viable option, though both Shin-Osaka and Shin-Kobe are not exactly convenient nor centrally located. I would need to prepare emergency rations for two days, medical supplies, a change of clothes and two spare tyres if driving, as well as spare weaponry and ammunition just in case. It is preferable in my opinion for the Oyabun to wear a fedora/hat that covers most of the tattoo, and a mask to hide any other facial features.
Porsche Cayenne Turbo S will be my choice of vehicle for the Oyabun. I choose this car as it is relatively discreet with the increasing number of affluent people in the world and it is no longer so much of a car that is for the super elites. The windows of the car should be fully reflective from the outside and the car should be made bullet proof in case any of the Kobun leaks out information to any hostile forces. And if need be, the Cayenne will be sturdy while fast enough to safely evacuate the Oyabun at high speed. Oyabun's car should also be driven by the most skilled driver with Mikoto at the passenger seat to fend off any hostile forces if needed. It should be accompanied by a sedan fast enough to keep up, filled with gunmen to assist the Oyabun if need be. One car so it is discreet and it will not attract much attention. The Oyabun will have no need to cover up any of his feature as he should not even be seen at all throughout the entire journey because of the design of the car. I would like the Oyabun to be staying in a house up on Mount Maya. Considering how it is more secluded and harder to ascend but it poses no problem for the Cayenne which has 570 horsepower.
I rolled a 5 and a 2. Adding to my intelligence point of 5, it is exactly 12!