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Lore II // LLTM's Fashion

Wu You

Sunday, Jan 24, 2016 - 11:20:16 pm

@ thatoneartkid

What do mafias wear in modern times? Ye’ old suit and tie can be a little bit of a cliche in modern days, since now that we know Japan’s fashion scene is bustling with creativity. Vibrant colours, prints and different materials from tweed to silk – suits are only reserved for formal occasions.

I guess the most terrifying thing is that Read more →

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Lore - LLTM

Wu You

Sunday, Jan 24, 2016 - 05:21:23 pm

@ thatoneartkid

Japan – the land of technological advancement, unique culture and very polite people.

So what exactly is up with Japan?

Due to nuclear radiation caused by the unfortunate explosion of reactors, the waters of the country was polluted. As a result, everyone in the country had streaks of mutation within them. Many of them couldn’t take it and died, but those who survived had mutations Read more →

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Name of character: Kuroko Character: Oyabun I guess since I am faster Attribute Points: 3 STR, 0 AGI, 5 INT 3 abilities for your character: Mind Control, Telekinesis, Resurgence Your preferred default weapon: Katana Appearance: Full body tattoo from head to toe with a full skull tattoo on the face. Always dressed in a full white suit wearing white slippers Back Story: Started off as a lackey in the clan but worked his way up the rankings since he was 15. Killed many of his peers in cold blood to reach where he is today but has since gained respect from everyone in the clan as the Oyabun as he helped gain many new territories and new sources of incomes for the clan.
Name of character: Mikoto Character: Kobun 3STR 4AGI 1INT Pyrokinesis, split into duplicates of being, telekinesis Your preferred default weapon: Pistol Appearance: Warm chestnut brown hair in a medium length bob cut, with eyes the same colour as his hair. He has a hair clip with two flowers above the left eyebrow, slightly nearer to the left side of the nose. He wears saggy socks, with brown loafers. Generally he also wears a brown sweater over a white short-sleeved shirt, and a grey skirt, because he can. He likes merchandise of frogs for some unknown reason. Back story: Mikoto entered the yakuza scene after dropping out of school, and was known as a child prodigy. He was kidnapped at the age of 3, and had his family murdered by a group of mercenaries who eventually sold him to a private military contractor. He was initially involved in the now-terminated Brothers project, which would have cloned him for military use. Some time before he involved himself in the underworld, he broke out of a secure(not really) military facility and escaped. His proficiency in close combat has earned him respect from the underworld, even more so as he is one of the rare few yakuza who do not have a severed finger, a culmination of his skill, prowess and connections. He swears undying fealty to the oyabun, who is both a brotherly figure (to him) and his direct superior.
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Lore II: Shadows of the Wyre (Transport)

Toh Ying Li

Sunday, Jan 24, 2016 - 04:11:02 pm

@ Ying Li

Transportation methods can be divided into Human transport and Wyre transport:

Human Transportation

Humans travelled via Clockwork trains on land, and Clockwork ships which travelled both on air and water. Clockwork trains were mainly used by humans from the middle to lower class. (Slaves were allowed on board but they generally did not have the money to pay for the train fare).

Clockwork ships were used nearly exclusively by Read more →

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Lore: Illegal Alien

Stuart Xiao Tong

Sunday, Jan 24, 2016 - 12:51:23 am

@ My Portland


Story took place 400 years later.

At that time, the whole human civilization has undergone vast change. The most major event that leads to the transformation will be the first known alien attack from the planet Nexus on 2086. When their space ship landed on Earth and declared war of invasion. Their superior in technology and special ability enable them to Read more →

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Phonbus Appearance: Has taken the appearance of a 22 year old man, clean-cut, 182cm. Strength: 3 Intelligence: 4 Agility: 3 Background: Phonbus is the descendant of one of generals of Nexus that led the invasion in 2086. That general, was his great-grandfather and he was held a legend in Nexus as the few who sacrificed their lives for their planet. Phonbus and his great grandfather were never on good terms, he never understood the need for the invasion or war. He is the black sheep of the family, while his parents and siblings (and his other relatives) revered his late great grandfather and the work he did and approved the idea of invasions, Phonbus was never interested in any of it. He grew up being thought an ideology that he did not approve of. Needless to say that when he approached his family about the thought of going to Earth to work, they berated him calling him a disgrace to the family. They threatened to disown him should he have decided to carry on with the plan. He left anyway against their wishes.
Character: Randy Philman Strength: 2 Intelligence: 3 Agility: 5 I'm a 12-year-old boy from the Sky Racer population, and has lived on the airship since I was born. I have a smaller stature than other boys my age, have fuzzy brown hair and ears that hear very well. I'm a very active boy and I feel that my movements are restricted, because there are other places such as the land where I could explore. For the past half a year, I've been trying to get to familiarise myself with the different parts of the airship, so one day when the opportunity comes, I would know how to leave to explore the other parts of Earth. Our family leads a mediocre life like most Sky Racer families, but we are a well-knitted family. My dad works as a technician maintaining the airship, and my mum works part-time at an eatery. I attend school three days a week, and after school I roam around the airship. We always have dinner together, and talk about what happened in the day.
[OOC] Is it Sky Racer or Air Racer? The first and second lores have different names so I'm confused ><"

Chapter 1: Into the Castle

Hui Yi

Saturday, Jan 23, 2016 - 10:47:28 pm

@ fastforwad

At the School of Dreams, both of you are standing at the portal to Mea’s Castle of Dreams that the lecturer-in-charge opened up.  The portal is swirling quietly with a gold colour.

Tilting his glasses, your horse lecturer said in a deep voice, “Past that portal and you will be in there for the next three months. There will be no Read more →

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[Puff] (In my mind) Wow, it's time. I can't believe it. Will I be a good Dream Technician? I wonder if I can be a lecturer like my parents? Will I ever meet them again?... Wait, now's not the time for this. I can do it. I must! How hard can it be running a dream? (To my fellow trainees) *takes a deep breath* "See you guys as DTs in three months! LET'S DO IT!" *waves* (Turns to Zeeeee) *nods* "Together." (Turns to lecturer) Thank you for your teachings, we will definitely be back as real Dream Technicians! (Faces portal) I scream, "DREAMLAND, HERE WE COMEEEEEEE!" I wave my two "arms" with 110% enthusiasm and do a somersault flip right into the portal.
(To fellow trainees) See ya, guys! (To lecturer) You won't regret this, you'll see! (To Puff) *grins and nods 'Together!' (As Puff does the flip into the portal I laugh and run after him, glad to be partnered with a hyper enthusiast . For the heck of it, I turn at the last minute and jump in backwards as if off a diving boooooaaaarrddd....)

Lore 2: Housing in the Bouncy Castle

Hui Yi

Saturday, Jan 23, 2016 - 12:21:08 pm

@ fastforwad

In the castle, the Pius maintain a large repertoire of dreams, from the first dream that Mea recalls as a child, to the latest dream that she had so far.

The circular castle currently has 80 storeys, each storey containing dreams that happened in one year (eg. 7th storey contains all the dreams that Mea had at the age of 7, Read more →

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Chapter 1: The meeting


Saturday, Jan 23, 2016 - 02:07:05 am

@ Hannah Kwah

Both of you arrived at a tent near the eastern part of Grand Edenia with 10 other protectors chosen from the 5 groups with the exception of the Erenderiels group. The elders of each protector group had decided to send 2 of their best protectors to spy the Erenderiels’ land. This allows them to see if it is possible to go forth with Read more →

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I would like to check with the Tulipium elders on the course of action, as they should be the boldest (they can heal!), as well as any additional information on the Erenderiels, as I'm new to this area, and have never met an Erenderiel before.
The Tulipium elders looked at you with suspicion as you are of a different group of protectors from them. They are willing to help you only if you can bring back a rare silver fairy dust from the Silverplumes' forest. (Here you need to go back to your home to ask the elders for permission to provide the Tulipium some rare silver fairy dust, not only that you can question the Tulipium why they need that for. Roll the dice to convince your Silverplumes' elders: dice above 4 +2 for intelligence, dice below 4 +1 for intelligence.) Erenderiels are able to read your mind when you enter their territory and will gang up together to throw you out if you do not have a scroll of approval from the Erenderiels' elders, highly religious (they will do a ritual every morning by chanting a long chain of words while kneeling and bowing) and they wear animal skins as clothes depending on the environment temperature. They have some forbidden words that cannot be said and once said you will be cursed. It is also an indicator of whether you are one of them or not. (Here you have to find animal skins suitable for the summer temperature to bend in with them. You have to think of trying to mind-troll the Erendriels so that they would think that you are their kind. Roll the dice to see whether your disguise is suitable to blend in, only dice above 4 +1 for strength.) [OOC] If you have any other questions just let me know and if you have any secrets do share with me privately. Please screenshot your dice number.
I have observed the rituals and memorized the chants from hearing my Erenderiels step-mother recite them every morning, so I would like to seek help from the Eliceros elders on more land information and anything helpful about moving around Erenderiel.
The Eliceros' elders suspects that you are part of the Erenderiels' movement as they know that you have a Erenderiels step-mother. They discussed among themselves and came to a conclusion to put you through a test to see if you are trustworthy. The Eliceros' elders wants you to steal a map from one of their people. (Roll the dice to make the decision: If you roll above 4, +2 to your intelligence, If not, +1 to your intelligence.) [OOC] If you have any question feel free to ask and do let me know if you have any secrets too. Please screenshot your dice number.
[OOC] They have disabled the add image option in OSS, I can hack it and enable it, but IT services and ADM staff will be after my ass. I can send you the 'screenshots' via whatsapp if you wish I return grudgingly back to the Silverplume region, despite me taking close to four days to travel to the meeting. I meet up with the Silverplume elders back at our ancestral hall. I roll a 6 for convincing my elders. I roll a 4 for disguise.
You managed to convince your elders to give the rare fairy dust to the Tulipium so that you are able to ask the Tulipium elders for the course of action. Your disguise is not able to help you bend in with the Erenderiels. However, the Tulipium elders maybe able to help you out on that since you will be giving them the rare silver fairy dust. [OOC] You can send me the screenshot via whatsapp.
I make my decision and roll the dice to obtain a 6 + 2 = 8! I ask the Eliceros' elders if I have passed their test.
You have convinced the Eliceros' elders that you are trustworthy. They decided to give you a cloak to help you better disguise yourself among the Erenderiels. They decided to give you the additional information you had requested before: The land where the Erenderiels' live in differs depending on the weather. If the weather is warm, they will be on barefoot and only the male will be shirtless. If the weather is cold, they will wear thick layers of animal skins to keep warm. There are different kinds of terrain on land: dry, wet, muddy, sandy and grass. Unlike the sky, your disguise can be discovered when walking on the wet and muddy terrain so be mindful to wear boots to cover yourself. The Erenderiels will get into different their specific groups every 2 days to check if there is anyone new to the team. If they find that you are new, they usually will question your existence so the ideal way is to get rid of 1 member from the group and become like him. In this way, you will not be a suspect. During the night, there may be the traitors wondering around the area to spy on the others. You have to be careful not to get caught by them and also follow them around to see what they are looking for.

Lore 2: Grand Edenia - Living Environment and Housing


Saturday, Jan 23, 2016 - 01:01:54 am

@ Hannah Kwah

Grand Edenia:

The nation of Grand Edenia has 6 different parts where the different protectors live and guard their people. Each part have their own unique architecture style due to the environment they live in.

The Tulipiums live in the northern part of Grand Edenia, where they grow well in the partial cold and warm weather. Their houses are Read more →

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Lore // Truccozio's Fashion

Nathalie Au

Friday, Jan 22, 2016 - 12:59:42 pm

@ nathalie_nathalie

By Truccozion law:

All Truccozions above 18 are required to be in their maschere at all times, when they are out of their homes. They receive their plain white maschere through a ceremony on their 18th birthday, where they can approach the local craftsmen to design on or add colours too. They are only given one maschere throughout their lifetime, so Read more →


Lore: Transportation

Goh Cher See

Friday, Jan 22, 2016 - 12:22:01 pm

@ CherSee


Land Transportation

The Kingdom of Ashania is set in a world called, Miriandynus. Transportation in Miriandynus is troublesome, very troublesome. Traders and merchants travels with their goods, using mainly animal-drawn wheeled vehicle. Utilising horse, donkey, camel, sometimes even elephant and mutaki. 

Mutaki is a type of mammal, a hybrid between a cow and snail, with a hard shell covering its neck, hind Read more →

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