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Lore 2 | Housing in Shea

Gary Chia

Friday, Jan 22, 2016 - 12:21:24 pm

@ garythesnail

The Sheans are highly adaptable as a species. They make use of whatever were available.

Riahs are not just structures for the Sheans to scale up to collect nitrogen, they also serve as housings for the Sheans. With its sheer height and thickness, there is plenty of room for each of them. Sheans make us of the size and abundance of the strands by making Read more →

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(REVLIS) Lore: Housing/Town Layout


Friday, Jan 22, 2016 - 11:36:51 am

@ A150046

Revlis has a radial design. The trees surround the town in a circle.


Houses are placed near to the edge. There isn’t enough space to build everyone a house, so everyone lives together, usually 10 to a house.

The houses are made of mostly mud bricks, rocks, stones, as the community sometimes burns off the overgrowth with fire and they don’t want Read more →

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Chapter(Lore): Vegetation - Underground

Evangeline Ng

Friday, Jan 22, 2016 - 11:36:47 am

@ Evangeline Ng

Fast forward in London, year 2034. Briony Grey lives with the Black family, they found her freezing in the streets, stealing in order to survive. The Black family, mother and daughter duo live in a warm house 40 nautical miles off the city. Briony lives her life in fear of meeting the Bratva again, meanwhile protecting the family Read more →

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Briony is shaken by the experience and immediately tries to make sense of her surroundings. If she has indeed travelled back in time to when she was living in the Black cottage, she needs to know how far back in time she has travelled. Ignoring the pain on her palm, Briony cautiously explores the house for any signs of what the date, year and time is while keeping an eye out for the man who could still be lurking around.

Vegetation and weather of Verun

Han Feng

Friday, Jan 22, 2016 - 10:35:02 am

@ hfmak

Verun is relatively large, spanning an area equivalent to 400 kilometres squared. Each year is split into sixteen Periods, with Periods 7 to 10 being the winter season. Snow covers Northern Verun, and parts of Bosei during this time, with occasional hail and snowstorms.

In the summer season, it is relatively mild in the north, and is nearly unbearable in the Read more →

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Lore 1 : Background Story


Friday, Jan 22, 2016 - 08:37:29 am


Lore: Background Stories

The game is set in 2040 and the world is short of resources. Government of all countries has fallen. Plentiful groups of scavengers had set out to find food, water and shelter. People consumed too much GMO (Genetically modified organisms) foods which cause 50% of the world population to have unique powers. It is believed that in 2050, all Read more →

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Name: Heriette Terra Gender: Female Age: 16 (2060) Backstory: In year 2047, a riot broke out during a food ration in Irkutsk. The Russian armed forces resolved the riot with violence and the government detained a few suspects. Heriette’s Parents were one on them, leaving her orphaned. She grew up with the rest of the children, living like a savage. Appearance: Copper Haired, Dark eyes, Tank top in earth brown. An emerald necklace left by her parents. Dark green shorts. Carrying a bow and arrows made of wood and stones as guns are outlawed. Profession: Miner Mutant powers: Earth manipulation, having the ability to control, levitate and reshape the earth and could even transform the form of earth and rock, such as turning a lump of coal into a diamond. She also could use this power to cause minor earthquakes. Strength: 3 Agility: 5 Intelligence: 7
The special abilities can only affect your own character and not the environment. ( if not too Imba)
Mutant powers: Heriette is able to transform into a strong metallic form, Gunmetal (an alloy made from a mixture of copper, tin, and zinc). It helped her survive harsh conditions in the fallen world era, as gunmetal bend rather than break, they are elastic. Her ability to transform into Gunmetal also makes her one of the physically strongest female in the cities. From time to time, she is able harness purple-lit bitterly cold orbs with her palms by concentrating really hard, freezing her opponents. Secret: Her ability is places her in vulnerability as she may when the conditions and environment are extremely hot, non-heat resistant. Hindering her strength and agility in attempts to escape or in combat. Strength: 7 Agility: 3 Intelligence: 5
Name: Lewis Stein Gender: M Stats: 2/7/6 (Str/Agi/Int) Special Power: Super speed (The maximum he has gone up to is around the speed of sound?) Profession: Transporter/delivery boy between camps Backstory: Lewis spent majority of his childhood as a street urchin with hoodlums until one day, he made the terrible (or not) decision to steal from a Forge military camp and got caught. Impressed by his guts and street smarts, he was taken in by the leader of the camp and trained. Sadly for them, they found out that Lewis has zero sense of loyalty the hard way. Looting the military stronghold bit by bit whilst flourishing in his training, Lewis eventually gave the camp up to the Beacon. Since then, Lewis has been hovering between camps, organizations and powerful individuals, carrying their messages and items; amassing a modest wealth and an extensive repertoire of information. Lewis is ultimately selfish and hedonistic. Despite his intelligence, he lacks foresight and ultimately doesn't care beyond living comfortably and happily in the moment. As such, he unintentionally offended several individuals whom are mode dedicated to the Beacon's cause on top of Forge members whom are aware of his betrayal. Extremely dexterous and proficient in firearms due to his training, Lewis is formidable in combat but lacks in strength or endurance, essentially making him a glass canon.

Lore // Truccozio

Nathalie Au

Friday, Jan 22, 2016 - 01:25:37 am

@ nathalie_nathalie

Facial appearances don’t matter here. You don’t have them anyway. 

The faceless land of Truccozio

Truccozio looks just like any other world with citizens like traders, doctors, inventors, craftsmen, verdura farmers and governors -but looks can be deceiving. The only thing different about the people of Truccozio, is that they have no facial features. They have never seen an actual face with facial Read more →

Karl,Truccozion boy,20 Karl is from a family of craftsmen. Making and designing mascheres is his family business. From the age of 6, he starts to impart crafting skills from his father. Karl is also known as one of the top crafters of mascheres. With his vast experience as a maschere maker, he did travel with his father to other towns to craft for luxurious families. However, after designing for so many years, he did not know who he is. He was fulfilling orders most of the time and lost track of his own identity. Approaching his adulthood which he requires to make a maschere for himself, he decides to set out for the journey to know more about himself and hopes that before he reaches his adulthood, he would be able to craft a maschere that symbolises him.
Girl with face Name: Felicity, 21 Backstory: Felicity was a quiet and shy Truccozion. Everyone was the same but only disliked her. Since Felicity was quiet, she was always bullied by everyone. Felicity felt that she had no one to talk to and no Maschere wanted to be associated with her. All the Maschere always had to draw lots to see who was the unlucky one to go with her. Felicity felt heartbroken as she knew that she was the same as everyone else. No one wanted to be her friend and all the Maschere ran away when being with her. Felicity then walked out of the town to somewhere she had never been before. She met a young boy who had facial features and asked him about it. He just held her hand and brought her into a strangely dark room where a scientist, Joque was. Joque saw that she was gloomy and wanted a new life so he poured a green liquid on her face. Immediately, she had a face.
This is Karl. Karl is bad at mathematics and his passport showed that he was acutally 17. He took so much time to practice the art of crafting that he forgot how to count. Karl is not learning. Don't be like Karl.
Strenght: Karl is a kid so Karl has no strength. ( 0 Str) Agility: Karl is hyperactive so he has 6 agility (6 Agi) Intelligence: Karl can't do maths, don't be like Karl (0 Int)
[OOC] Hi! Sorry please include these information for your character as well: - Job currently if any - Describe/design her face (can include any facial features but please make it distinguishable as a face) - Agility +2 and distribute the other 6 points to the three attributes -Strength, Agility and Intelligence
Job: previously she worked as a flower shop assistant, she is now jobless as no one wants to hire her since she looked strange. Facial features: She has a thick red lip, small eyes like cherries, dark skin, big ears with one of the ears have a small mole and a sharp nose. AGL - 1 STR - 1 INT - 4
Job: High End Mask Crafter Apprentice Facial features: He has small pearly eyes, thin lips, small ears, fair skin, relatively small size compared to the other citizens. Str - 1 Agi- 4 Int - 1

Lore 1 | Shea: The world that never stays

Gary Chia

Friday, Jan 22, 2016 - 01:12:10 am

@ garythesnail



Shea is a world with endless black towering strands, called Riah, that shoot up from the ground. Or so it seems. The strands block out most of the light, making Shea a generally dark place to be residing in.

The ground on Shea is relatively soft, sinking in with every step taken, and is constantly pulsating. Also, it is filled with craters Read more →

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Name: Kappa Age: 28 (OOC: Is there a gender? If there is it can be male for my character) Strength: 3 Agility: 3 Intelligence: 2 Kappa has always been pretty average. His strength are enough to hold on to the black strands so he never feared being washed off. But there don’t seem to be much else he could use the strength for. Kappa is tall though. In face he is a full neck and shoulders taller than the rest. So even though his agility is too average, he sometimes climbs slightly higher than most, and gathers more nitrogen for those who needs it below. Moreover, he actually likes going up the long black strands. Kappa was curious on what is at the top of the black strands (OOC: give these strands a name? @@) when he was younger, but he can never even climb as far up as the more agile Sheans, and even the most agile Sheans cannot tell them what is above the black strands. So eventually, that became a challenge for him, to always try to climb higher than the more agile Sheans. Once or twice he did. Mostly he didn’t. By 28, going as far up as he could was merely a form of habit, entertainment and way to pass the time. He didn’t care for the library, and this entertainment was more than enough for a simple person like Kappa to get by. When he heard about the Shean that floated away, Kappa was bewildered and sad. But more than that, for the first time Kappa is afraid. When such a talented Shean could lose their life so easily, what will happen to the average Kappa?
Name: Klaus Age: 25 Str:3 Agl:2 Int:3 Klaus enjoyed the library. He wasn't really into climbing the strands as high as he could, but he knew how to get by just fine. He's quite reserved and was kind to others, but he was such a worrywart. Camping in the library and reading up on their situation helped to calm him down a little bit. Just a realistic being I guess. Tragically, he actually knew the Shean who was washed away by the flood. They weren't close friends or anything, but they occasionally made small talk while clinging on the black strands. That made Klaus realise the severity of the situation they were in, and how they needed to find a solution ASAP. Klaus remains hopeful about their survival, turning to the books for help.
[OOC] Hahaha sure! You can be male! And okay! I will edit it! The black strands shall be named Riah

[FDN 4D II] Lore – After Light

Lewin O

Friday, Jan 22, 2016 - 12:44:21 am

@ Salty Plants

After Light is set in an alternate modern day Singapore. When the sun goes down, the dead rises.


“Ghosts” are real and they only come out at night.

Life does not end when a person dies. They do not simply cease to be or immediately ascend to a higher (or lower) plane of existence or enter the cycle Read more →

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Name: Abbie Lee Strength/ Agility/ Intelligence (after distribution): 7/6/8 Appearance: Black hair and dark eyes Dressed in a dark ghostbusters tshirt, shorts and converses (dressed as a regular university student) No visible wounds from the front, multiple gaping wounds on her back Backstory: Abbie is newly Dead and is a floundering soul deep within the depths of the supernatural world. Despite not being much of a drinker, frequenting the supernatural bars has it perks still. They say dead men tell no lies, add ‘drunken mess’ to the list and you’ve got patrons rambling enough about the supernatural world for you to write a textbook. To be frank, the supernatural world isn’t that different from her old life, apart from having to live like a vampire, emerging only during nightfall. Holding no responsibilities and the knocking back beers nightly may seem like paradise but not for Abbie. Between the drunken spirits’ ramblings, she’d zone out and try recalling her previous life. She led a rather uneventful life so there really wasn’t much to recall. Only her family and a select few friends were worth remembering. The bit that frustrated her the most was that she could remember everything, from inside jokes to the information relevant to her previously-current job, EVERYTHING, except the moments leading up to her untimely death. And Abbie is pissed. She didn’t deserve this! She had absolutely no desire of wasting away her afterlife on drinking endless amounts of booze without the fear of alcohol poisoning. She’d rather head on to reincarnation but that’s the thing – amidst the near incomprehensibly slurred rambles of the drunken spirits, she’d learnt that she’d actually need to get rid of the grudge she’s harbouring and to do that, she needs to remember who killed her. Even if retribution isn’t on her mind, she’d really like to move on as she decides that she isn’t quite suited for the afterlife. [OOC] Hi! I made a switch with Ying Li (your original actor) so I'm your new actor!
Hi! Thanks for the heads up! I'll update with chapter 1 as soon as the other character is up :)
Name: Carl Wong Strength/ Agility/ Intelligence (after distribution): 5/7/8 Appearance: Dyed brown hair with dark eyes. He wears a pair of glasses. Slightly tanned as he plays basketball. He is quite skinny, but however tall in height. As he need to stay awake every night, very dark eye circles can be seen on his face. In the day time, he will dressed as any other normal people. But during the dark, he will be wearing suits with blue tie. Backstory: Before awakening, Carl has worked as a forensic for 3 years. By that time, he was already 27. Experienced has caused him to be calm as water when deals with any kind of dead body. However, one day, this event almost entirely destroyed his life. During the midnight, he was called from home to arrive at this crime scene. Reports indicate that an old man was found dead on the middle of an expressway. When Carl arrived there, indeed, a 60 year old man was lying on the road with no physical wound. After the basic checking, Carl was ready to bring the body back to lab. But just while he turned back and look at the body. He noticed a horrifying smile appeared on the dead’s face. He has never met anything like this before. Carl was so terrified. However, he was just about pointing this to his colleagues, the smile just disappeared from the face. As Carl was an antithesis person, he never believe in any forms of spirit or ghost. Even though he felt that something was wrong, he still brought the body back to his lab. As he was dissecting the body, something very creepy happened. At first it was just some whispering on his ears. Then the whispers got louder and louder, until it turns out to be shouting. Carl could feel an ice-chilling cold spreading around his body. Suddenly, he was “awakened”. He was able see what are “things” in the lab now. They are all white color shadows, wandering around the lab, trying to go into Carl’s body. Carl thought that this definitely is gonna be his dead end. However, he was saved by this mysterious man. The man “cleaned” all the ghosts. He told Carl that he has awakened and is able to all the “thing’. From now on, all the ghost will start to look for Carl. And the only way to stay alive is to join his organization. Thus, Carl quit his job as a forensic. Every night, he will be wearing suit, and chase away all the wandering ghosts. [OOC]: Hi! Sorry for comme
Thanks for the cool backstory Xiaotong, just to double confirm with you, the organization Carl join is the Exorcists right?

Lore I: The Insecure One

Issabel Andrew

Thursday, Jan 21, 2016 - 11:46:48 pm

@ Madness and Scuzabel


Sorry for the length of this but I suck at summarizing things. 

Also this is not a representation of our world, but rather one that shares a relative likeliness. Just saying XD


Background Map Zones The Problem The Objective Characters Environment (Brief) Game Transport Character Creation/Stats Developments

Highlighted bits are additional details.

Highlighted bits are ‘laws’ and ‘traits’ being added.


The greatest of Read more →

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Name: Blake Riley Age: 15 Transport: Blake's family built a ramshackle self-driving caravan from the scavenged parts of old automobiles. (A Frankenstein-like vehicle) Character type: Survivor Tools of trade: Good at fixing/repair works Backstory: Blake's mother was killed during an incident with a Saboteur. Only his father knows the exact details of the incident and the identity of the Saboteur. Blake hopes to take revenge some day - but he is currently more focused on taking care of his younger sister and weakened father. Stats: Strength: 2 Agility: 3 Intelligence: 3
Name: Silent Luelle Age: 20 Means of transportation: Skatecycle - a mashed up of skateboard and bicycle to travel around to push someone off the Inse's sight. ‘Tools of the trade’: Technology Backstory: Luelle, also known as Silent Luelle, is an orphan born with dark skin and strange blue inscriptions on her body. She was picked up by the group when she nearly encountered death when her parents abandoned her to save their lives as they thought that the blue inscriptions was a sign of a cursed child. The was a rumor that if a child is hated by Inse, he would have blue inscriptions on the body. Since then, Luelle was trained to be one of the elite Saboteur to keep their group alive and making others suffer is their way of life. As she moves silently making those around her getting caught off guard and falling out of sight of Inse. Hence, everyone called her Silent Luelle. Character Type: Saboteurs Stats: STR - 1, AGL - 3, INT - 5 Affiliations in Whatslef: Riskies Companions/ Familiars: Doubter - always travelling with the Saboteurs. When they work together, groups of people die together as the doubter would create a sense of illusion that the Inse gaze is somewhere else when it is not and the saboteurs will just push them off.

LORE: Night Parade~Seek a Light in the Darkness

Zhi Min

Thursday, Jan 21, 2016 - 03:28:26 pm

@ AzhiDminM

Night Parade~ Seek a Light in the Darkness


The story is set in Hyan Era of Japan. In this period, the city is under a curse that has caused it always in the night. Sun will never rise. There are a lot of demons come out because of the power of darkness. They have to absorb the vital essence of Read more →

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[OOC] I threw the dice and got 10, is it the smaller or larger number? Haha
[OOC] I'm so so so sorry for the late response, I thought I left a comment already but turns out the comment didnt go through? I rolled an 8, is that a larger number as well? Element: Metal Backstory: [OOC] I'll write this once I know whether I'm Kyo or Abe. Spirits: [OOC] I'll write this once I know who I am as well.