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Lore: Hoar Lance Children

Evangeline Ng

Thursday, Jan 21, 2016 - 05:35:38 am

@ Evangeline Ng

Briony Grey, a “Runner,” lives alone in the overpopulated city of London in year 2034.

Born in Moldova, a landlocked country in Eastern Europe, bordered by Romania to the west and Ukraine to the north, east,and south. In year 2024, The accident at the Moldova nuclear reactor that occurred on the 24th of June was the most serious accident ever to Read more →

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So I guess as the first commenter, I'm Briony Grey? Appearance: Long messy black hair, gray eyes and really pale. Really skinny and lanky (I imagine the Bratva’s witch doctors don't feed well). Has various thin white scars along her limbs from the experimentation including stigmatas on both her palms so she tries to wear gloves and as much clothing as possible to cover them up. STR: 2 AGL: 4 INT: 4
yo me Owen Harrison. I short but buff. I not much fooood but I UH very strong. Got many scars from expeliments and fites. Lost 1 toe. I shave my head too. 6 STR 3 AGI 1 INT [OOC] WOULD PUT 10/10 STR but got 1 INT so I not so dumb yas

Lore: Mea's Castle of Dreams

Hui Yi

Thursday, Jan 21, 2016 - 02:22:14 am

@ fastforwad

Humans dream, then wake up thinking it is just an illusion and nothing more, as simple as that. However, little did they know that the very first dream in their life that they had after developing a sense of recollection plays a huge role in their future dreams.

Welcome to Mea’s Castle of Dreams in the Read more →

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[OOC] Character intro Name: Cream Puff (usually called Puff) Age: 3 Species: Miu Appearance: Miu-shaped Mius came about when a mutation in the gene occurred, and became a different shape from the Pius. Mius were originally condemned by the Pius to be awful and a freak of nature but as more and more Mius appear, the Pius are slowly starting to accept and live alongside them. It is difficult for the Mius to hop around and balance on one leg, hence most Mius learn to walk upside down to move along quicker. Unfortunately, their arms are not strong enough to constantly be moving around upside down. The irregular vision results in dizziness sometimes. Backstory: My parents (a Piu and a Miu) are senior lecturers in the School of Dreams (I think), and are too busy to care for me. Once I was old enough to start school (maybe 1 month or smth), I was chucked into a class and never saw them again. I was too young to remember my name (or maybe I wasn't given one), thus the caretaker for the baby Mius at my dorm (at that time) named me after the item I was eating at that moment (a cream puff). Like most Mius, I am clumsy but use wit to solve problems. Str: 2 Agi: 1 Int: 5
Name: Zeeeee Species: Zwwom Appearance: Zeeeee has a massive head, tiny white eyes and a tiny body. Picture to come soon. Backstory: Zeeeee started out as a lingering remnant of an imaginary friend from Mea's childhood, but wanted to continue seeing children through their early days in the hopes of making things better and safer for them growing up rather than fading away. Arriving to the School of Dreams, Zeeeee eventually found a way to convince the Pius he could help as a Dream Technician, and although easily distracted and preoccupied with making fantasies, he really just wants to help. As a fantasy remnant, he can create little versions of himself and make temporary things manifest. Age: 4 Attributes: Strength 1 Agility 3 Intelligence 5
[OOC] I'll be using the Miu image for the first assignment, hope you don't mind! ><
[OOC] No problem!! I'm glad it's useful xD

(REVLIS) Lore: World


Thursday, Jan 21, 2016 - 12:53:10 am

@ A150046


It was said that the world used to be a place with both night and day. I do not know if it’s true, nor if it’s real, but I do know that in Revlis, the sky is always dark and these glowing spheres light up our paths. I dream of a day where I could see day.

Hmm how would I describe Read more →

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Name: Olumide Appearance: Dressed in a long black robe and face covered with jet black long hair. Does not seem like an guy who can be easily approached. Backstory: Born an orphan, Olumide has grown up to be a very independent but lonely individual. He keeps his interactions with others minimal and he strives to be relatively good in every aspects of himself in order to support himself. As he has no commitments or whatsoever, he spends most of his time improving himself and although he looks rather scrawny, he is actually quite nimble and fit. Also, he has discovered the secret of the orbs and he can manifest the infinite energy from it. Strength 2 Agility 3 Intelligence 3 Color: Black
[OOC] SORRY he can't find out what the orbs do yet, it will be revealed in a future chapter! /edit btw could you tell me how he was gonna use the orbs xD (curious) if it doesn't clash, i could possibly let you use them your way too but it's quite unlikely...
Name: Aria Appearance: Dressed in a red hooded poncho, she rarely reveals her face to people. Under her hood, her side flip auburn hair, is wildly arranged, but that does not seem to bother her. Backstory: Aria grew up without knowing her parents. She was abandoned when she was still a child and raised by an old lady until this one passed away. Aria was not interested in helping out others but preferred instead to contemplate the city of Revlis lit up by the orbs from a tree which was situated at the top of a hill on the outskirt of the town. She would ask herself a million and one questions about the meaning of all of 'this'. Independent, Impulsive and Fearless she was. Strength 1 Agility 4 Intelligence 3 Color: Red
[OOC] How can there be life if there is no light?
[OOC] There is light........ I'm not really sure what you're confused about, but any questions you have will probably be answered in the story. Will post both your character infos in the next chapter, just to confirm.
[OOC] By the way, just to clarify, everyone in town HAS TO help out, just not everyday. There is a schedule for work.
[OOC] "The sky is always dark" "I dream of a day where I could see day." So there's no sun? (that's what i meant by light) No sunlight= No photosynthesis= No plants= No animals= No humans= No life I don't understand why my character HAS to help out, unless its part of the story...
[OOC] Yes. No sun. It will be revealed in the story. It's a relatively small community, so even though you don't HAVE to, it's sort of a thing people do or you will kind of be ostracized? Does that make more sense? :/ I suppose you can be unwilling to help out anyway.
Hahaha its okay! I will wait for your version! Don't want to spoil your game


Ho Ann Li

Thursday, Jan 21, 2016 - 12:35:15 am

@ Something Original and Cool


Tucked away in the most northern part of the world and located just a little to the left lay the most joyous place on Earth – Santa Claus Village (which also holds the HOliday Headquarters). Christmas is around the corner and all is jolly for the holidays. Ironically, the residents of the village can be described as ‘less than Read more →

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[ooc] Name: Joyful Mcsprinkles Appearance: I’m a tiny Elf-like creature a little taller than 20 inches. I’m still trying to shed some pounds from last year’s cookies and cream ice cream but at least I’m trying. Attributes: Strength: 1 Agility: 4 Intelligence: 3 Equipment: Santa hat: Inverted strawberry finished with whipped cream Gloves: Disposable baking gloves Boots: Speedy boots faster than any nike given out this christmas Belt: Elastic belt good for the buffet spread, but also expandable to store inventory along the way. Beard: White large beard with cookie crumbs
Name: Liu Guan Gong Master Liu Guan Gong is a chinese santa claus from china. Aged 85, with fu manchu and a bun on his head, dress in red velvet robes, resemble the one wore by people in the han dynasty. Equip with a wooden sword used for exorcism (in the older days), he rode around china with his trusty red-nose buffalo, giving out china-made toys and smacking naughty kids with his wooden sword. Strength - 01 Agility - 02 Intelligence- 05 Santa hat: Red Straw Hat Gloves:- Boots: Chinese Traditional Cloth Kung Fu Shoes Belt: Old Chinese Silver Belt Beard: Fu Manchu

Lore: Danraxelia

Pang Xin

Thursday, Jan 21, 2016 - 12:20:32 am

@ Pumpkins Cats and Doodles

Lore: It’s been 15 long years.

The ship is huge, with 2000 people there about. But after 15 years, there are few faces one won’t recognize.

The older ones often spoke of the beautiful but war-torn land they left behind, and the young ones listened intently as though it was a mere fairy-tale.

15 years is long enough for anyone to think of the land as Read more →

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[OOC] Character intro: A Giowel Brownie named Beam Elements Air and Fire Attributes: Strength 3, Agility 3, Intelligence 2 (+2) Born on the ship (13 years old), has never set foot on land, and thinks that there are much more out there in the world than what the dwellers on the ship has told him. He is taking magic lessons from another 28-year-old Giowel whom he met as a child and treats as an older brother, who happened to have elements air and fire too. Wears a pointed hat on his head made by a long-time Human friend of his Giowel parents, and carries a staff taller than him to help him get around the ship without getting knocked over by the taller races on the ship. He is learning enchantment so that he can do it to his hat and staff and make them magical. Fun fact: He likes to sneak into a Tieran's home now and then to play with their rabbit when they are not around, and has never gotten caught so far because of his small stature and a little bit of magic.
Name: Natasha Inveguile Race: Giowel Age: 23 Appearance: Looks like an elf. Selected Bonus points: Intelligence +1 Agility +1 Normal Attributes: Strength: 1 Agility: 3 Intelligence: 4 Class: Upper class Inventory: - 10,000 in cash in the local currency - Healing salve for injuries - Journal/documents Backstory: Natasha is estranged from her family. She has a rift with her parents and since they avoid each other on the ship with Natasha taking care of herself. She's a skilled element user and she hopes to find a good way to prove herself in the future.
Natasha's element is water. [OOC] Help me update my character in my story too! :))
OOC: Hi, I just did~! I'm not sure if you are an actor in my world though, the list says "NG CHEONG WONG JEREMY SIAO LIOUNG" O.O Not that I mind you joining..?=w=
Oh rats! I used to be an actor in your world but I think the list has changed for some reason. Ok (will not be actively playing here) but feel free to use Natasha if you want! ;)
PS: My number is 92304280....message me for the secrets :D
Character name: Dom Sex: Male Race: Human Age: 31 Appearance: 6ft3; Auburn; Man bun; Chiselled face; Bearded; Fit; Wears a necklace bearing a wooden amulet which was diamond shaped. (Gift from her daughter) Attributes: Strength: 3(+1) Agility: 2 Intelligence: 3(+1) Backstory: Craftsman- Expert in weapon building. Victim of war, has seen it all. War has left him physical and emotional scars. Deeply affected by the loss of his wife and daughter. He blames himself for not being there for them and therefore he seeks redemption in any possible way. Traits: Calm, Serious, Quiet Inventory: He has a weapon holster- Army knife (always carry it with him)... [OOC] Can i add more things in my inventory when the adventure starts?
OOC: Yea sure you can add more inventory. Again, so long as it makes sense. But since I haven't really set the mission yet its reasonable ^^

Lore: Shadows of the Wyre

Toh Ying Li

Tuesday, Jan 19, 2016 - 02:49:48 pm

@ Ying Li


For the past 1000 years, humans and the Wyre lived in a peaceful grudging co-existence.  The Humans and the Wyre were not fools after all. They understood the mutual benefits of a Human-Wyre alliance. Humans were skilled in the arts of the Clockwork making, with artisans creating fantastical clockwork trains, delicate mechanical systems and towns that rivaled all Wyre cities.

The Wyre, on the other Read more →

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Character: Sky My first memory was that long journey. The slave traders claimed I was 6 years old when they sold me to the mines. Those greedy pigs probably got more money for selling an “older and stronger child”. But in the last 10 years, I had more than enough time guess I was probably younger than 6 then. After all, aren’t 6 years olds supposed to have more memories than I do? But whatever, the mines are cruel places, and I have long learnt that nobody cares about age so long as one could still work. And when they couldn’t, a worse fate awaits them. I witnessed too many people collapse from the “Weakening sicknesses” (OOC: Based on “Rickets”, deformities caused by lack of sunlight and Vitamin D), and when they couldn’t work anymore, they disappear. No one here knows where they go, and nobody truly wants to find out. I’m lucky though. Although as scrawny and thin as most children in the mines, I never got sick. So I guess at least the slave masters got their money’s worth. Or maybe that is because I’m “marked by Wyre magick”, as the older slaves used to snarl at me when we have our diluted porridge and half a slice of bread no softer than rocks. It’s easy to ignore them when I don’t know what that means. I’ve never seen a Wyre around the mines, and even if I do it’s not like I would recognize them. (Slaves who don’t want to draw attention best don’t look any “masters” in the eye.) I did hear rumors they have a flying city though. That’ll be awfully nice. Perhaps I could visit the day I am free to stand under the beautiful opaline skies I named myself after again. Age: 16 (probably younger. And looks even younger) Gender: Male – Strength: 1 – Agility: 4 – Intelligence: 3 (OOC: there are secrets or headcannons about the character please find me sometime I can’t recognize you TwT)
[OOC] Send me the secrets via text/whatsapp. Here's my number: 92304280.
Character: Kanin Current Age: 25 Not only a dedicated member of the Wyre council, Kanin is also someone that the council is grooming to be one of the best investigators. At a young age of 25, Kanin proves to have a natural instinct when it comes to detective jobs. His blue-green eyes seem to gleam with a natural curiosity and thirst for crime solving. As a result of such attention given since young, Kanin can be quite ignorant and aloof when it comes to interpersonal relationships. Can be tactless at times, but often not out of bad intentions. Usually clad in nothing but simple black robes with the hood up, concealing most of his features and aiding camouflage in darkness. Has a tattoo of the same mark that Sky has on his upper forearm. Also wears his family ring on his middle finger as a reminder of family pride and responsibility to uphold. Kanin has the ability to turn things into ice as he wishes. Comes in handy in fierce battles, immobilises the enemy for a short period of time. Also great for making slushies, which happens to be Kanin's favourite drink. Ironically, Kanin can be quite of a klutz. But he's working on that. – Strength: 3 – Agility: 1 – Intelligence: 4

Lore: Grand Edenia


Sunday, Jan 17, 2016 - 10:23:09 pm

@ Hannah Kwah

Grand Edenia, a pre-aesthetic nation of Yerusha, is located in-between the Mediterranean and Oceania Sea. In the nation there are 6 groups of protectors that lived in harmony, namely Tulipiums, Eliceros, Peligales, Sharays, Erenderiels and Silverplumes. Tulipiums are the protectors of the plants, Eliceros are the protectors of the land, Peligales are the protectors of the air, Sharays are the Read more →

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1. Sparkles Fluffybutt 2. Silverplume 3. Tulipium 4. Stats: 1 STR/3 AGI/8 INT 5. My weapon pink fairy dust, sparkly and dusty. 6. Ugly purple horse head mask 7. Sparkles, the 167th Asshat of the Fluffybutt lineage, came from a royal Silverplume family. Sparkles has a head of bright pink hair, a crooked nose, and eyes that twinkled whenever she smiled, was high, or drunk. Her lips curled outwards, and she had noticeably large upper canine teeth. Her left foot was severely deformed when her father, Bubbles, the 166th Asshat, dropped an anvil on it for research purposes. Skilled with unspoken spells released by mere gestures, a Fluffybutt lays waste to all adversaries, until she gets into melee range. Fortitude, never a strength of the small-statured Fluffybutt, causes the development of another weapon to distract the enemy at hand, while retreating to a covered location further away. Sparkles has underwent countless hours of F-Art and P.O-Sterior development, and has a well-shaped rack, true to her lineage's name. At just four feet tall, her deformed left foot causes a great deal of stress and causes her to hop like a kangaroo that was just run over by a truck. Being in a land of peace, Sparkles went to the capital because she has nothing better to do. Her hobbling and royal lineage has attracted a great deal of attention, and rumours about her ability were spreading. Scoffing at such talk, Sparkles set down her empty mug on a local tavern's table with a loud slam and asked the barkeep for another round.
1. Fred Volante 2. Peligales 3. Eliceros 4. Attributes: STR 1 / AGI 4 / INT 3 5. Particle staff that manipulates matter particles within a 10km radius. 6. Invisibility cloud cloak (I basically just look like a cloud flying in the sky) Back story Son of General Volante (Head of Peligales). He became a Peligales protector in training only because his father sent him to do so. Fred has an Erenderiels step-mother whom he always avoids and openly believes is a traitor of the Grand Edenia, leading to disputes between him and his father. He also secretly wants to be an Eliceros protector as he is afraid of loneliness in the vast skies, and strongly believes that it is more efficient to protect the Grand Edenia on land, where everyone is.

Lore: Ashania and The Black Mountain

Goh Cher See

Saturday, Jan 16, 2016 - 03:42:38 pm

@ CherSee



The story revolves around Ashania, a flourishing, opulent and peaceful kingdom. A place where Elves, Dwarfs and Humans lived together under Lord Bornia’s rule.

The kingdom was comprised of Lord Bornia’s castle located on the top of the hill with several towns surrounding it. The mines near Ashania were rich with rare minerals, precious gems and strong metals, Read more →

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Evraset Nr'shaal/F 03/05/04 Dark Elf/Unknown Ability to summon pain experienced by others from their past unto their present/transfer the experience to others within proximity Backstory: Evraset is believed to have either not wanted, or been unable, to abandon the ways of her lineage despite the years of peace smearing its influence into her side of the world. Instead, she took on any path she deemed worthy of her attention in order to take advantage of the many excuses she could find to practice the trademark hate of her race and reap the rewards of chaos. As a dark elf, her people, in particular her family, had been nothing more than obstacles and adversaries. The glories of court and conquest had not sufficiently interested her, and so abandoning her faraway homelands, she set out to travel the known and unknown worlds alike, happening upon Ashania years later as she would any other realm: Purely by chance, and without certainty at the path she would take in this prosperous, peaceful little kingdom. Weapons/Clothes: Evraset primarily uses her magic in combat, but always wears steel taloned gauntlets that double as both a slashing-distance weapon as well as picks. She carries an extended scythe that can shorten into a cutlass-esque blade. Evraset wears a light and more versatile version of her people's traditional armor, as well as a black cape and cloak. Considering she already looks suspicious with her scythe and white hair, she only extends the scythe when she does not care to be seen, and usually either blends into the crowd or the shadows when she does not. Spending more time with the latter, she also carries assassins blades.
[OOC] By the way, I don't have a way/don't know how to pm you the secrets bit
And don't worry that will be short
[OOC] And don't worry that will be short
Ima Richards/ M 3/2/7 Unspecified Ability to raise the undead to do his bidding Backstory: Ima is a ghostly merchant from another land. No one quite knows where he comes from, not that he gives anyone the chance to know him long enough to even ask before he’s off, always travelling to the next place when the opportunity arises. To be quite honest, Ima may not even remember where he was from. It doesn’t matter. When you have lived beyond your means, quite literally. He could not stomach the green goop he had bought as a dirt cheap substitute for food (which quite frankly was an unworthy investment to him). Eventually, the sticky goop clogged up his internal system and his death could be described as a case of ‘biting off more than he could chew’. It’s not unnatural to spot the unliving, especially in the realm of the supernatural. Ima has only one passion in life (and beyond) – making money. Even if the love of his life led to his untimely death, his drive to make money has not been dimmed. Rather, he is thankful he needs not spend on anything ‘unnecessary’. No one should underestimate the extent of Ima’s desire to earn money; he’s willing to take on any job the right price. From toilet plunging to assassinations, he’s done it all. He couldn’t care less about politics or loyalty, he will move on to ‘greener’ pastures at any given chance. Weapon: The msucles in his body have long disintegrated and have little form. His body is only held together by a thin sheet of ectoplasm. As a result, Ima is able to mould his appendages into non-mechanical weapons. In the end, it boils down to the fact that the weapons didn’t cost him an arm and a leg, figuratively speaking in this case.
[OOC] Hey Issabel, add me on facebook. Thank you for creating such interesting character!
[OOC] Hey Ann Li, very interesting character! Anyway what clothing would he be wearing, I would like to know!! thank you
Ima's Attire: Ima's ghost is translucent but is visible to everyone. He's emits a soft white glow. His attire is typically what a trader/ merchant would wear but cheaper. He wears a satin vest over his dress shirt, a gold pocket watch tucked in his left breast pocket, all of which he thrift-ed (minus the watch, which he found in the trash, and in working condition too! What a pity to toss it out!) He layers a formal jacket over his vest. To add a bit of flare to his outfit, he wears a pair of dark pants, striped with gold (thin vertical stripes that is). Finally, he completes his outfit with a pair of well-worn leather shoes, which were the only items he'd actually been willing to pay the full price for (well he fought tooth and nail for a bargain but still).t [OOC] Sorry about the late reply! Hope this is enough information :^)


Han Feng

Friday, Jan 15, 2016 - 12:09:31 pm

@ hfmak

Verun is a large country, flanked by icy swathes of tundra to the north and south, and a large piece of land covered almost permanently by fog and haze, known as the Cloud. Much of the country is dominated by the official state known as Bosei, and the illegal state of Katra is situated right inside the Cloud. The once united states Read more →

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Name: Signcraft Beakonwood Sex: Female Race: Amor Class: Spellthief
Rukki has been renamed as Signcraft Beakonwood.
Name: Ayun Gender: Male Race: Abaddon Class: Sentinel
[OOC] Hey, for some reason my lore doesn't appear on the class page so here's the link! Sorry I posted it long ago but I just realised it doesn't show up.