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Danraxelia Lore: The Powers that Be

Pang Xin

Thursday, Feb 04, 2016 - 01:22:02 am

@ Pumpkins Cats and Doodles

(OOC: Actors highly advised to read this~ Or at least the later part

Haish was gonna draw the symbol/logo for the parliament and oracle but I have no time. Perhaps adding in on a later date~)

On the surface, the main governing body of Danraxelia is the parliament, where the seats are somewhat fairly allocated between the three races. (~30~35 humans, 30~35 Read more →

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Illegal Alien Chapter 1: Aboard

Stuart Xiao Tong

Wednesday, Feb 03, 2016 - 12:59:53 pm

@ My Portland

[OOC]: The story will start with two characters’ POV, so the actors can make their individual decision. But don’t worry, the two lines will intersect in Chapter 2.

[OOC]: You will be required to make a decision for character’s action. And also describes how this action is being taken. You may throw a dice, or depends on your preferences.

[OOC]: For story Read more →

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Phonbus A 12 is rolled (2D= 6+6) Phonbus decides to transform into someone else. He transforms into a human, a Disciplinarian more specifically. He figured he would pretend to be part of the reproductive race of the Disciplinarian to get more leverage. After all, the Disciplinarians practically owned the AIA. Phonbus walks swiftly to the opposite end of the cabin, away from the AIA agents, luggage held tightly in his hand. He was also making sure he was out of range from the device. He stands in the dimly lit corner with his back facing everyone else. He takes out a large black hooded jacket from his luggage and wears it quickly, making sure to put the hood over his head. He takes a quick peak over his shoulder at the AIA agents, who are slowly but surely approaching. When he was sure that no one’s attention was on him, he transformed into the Disciplinarian. The process was quick. He then realizes that he doesn’t have the right documents at all. He starts to panic. At that very moment, he heard the approaching footsteps of the agents. Phonbus composes himself and turns around confidently and starts to speak before they got too close for their device to detect anything.
[OOC] I got a 2 (even)!
Randy: Attracted by the commotion in the passenger cabin, I decide to go take a look and see what is going on. It looks like the some AIA agents have caught a Nexian disguised as Bladders, sitting at one of the passenger seats, because who do they catch except Nexians! "Everyone, back to your seats!" Now the agents are pulling the sedated Nexian who reverted back to his original form out of the passenger cabin. Amidst excited chatterings, I find my window seat in a matter of seconds and settle down. Looking out of the window and back at the airship where I lived for my whole life until now, the feeling of uncertainty and dread came over me again. But I guess it's too late to do anything now, right? "That was so close! We nearly got caught too! Good thing we can still visit Dad, phew." I turn back and see two other Bladders acting strangely. One looks up and see me. "Shhhh! Keep it down, will you?" She gives me an apologetic look; I nod and turn back. There are more Nexians on board, but I decide to keep it to myself.

Shea Chapter Two | The Encounter

Gary Chia

Wednesday, Feb 03, 2016 - 10:49:06 am

@ garythesnail

Literally half a minute before the flood came in, a female Shean who thought she was too late to bring herself to safety, screeched at the top of her voice when the water touched her foot. Luckily for Klaus, her piercing scream jolted him up from his slumber. It took a while for reality to settle into his groggy, sleep deprived Read more →

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Chapter 2 // LLTM

Wu You

Wednesday, Feb 03, 2016 - 03:26:49 am

@ thatoneartkid

[OOC] it isn’t as much of chapter 2 than a proper continuation of chapter 1’s events. it’s like a long chapter. GOOD LUCK.

The Oyabun rises from his seat and turns to Mikoto.

” Let’s leave tonight. I’m only bringing you along. I can’t risk anyone of my men in this situation. Otto will manage the yakuza’s in the meanwhile, keeping it Read more →

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I rolled a 5 and a 6. Added it to a +1 from Telekinesis, it is exactly 12 points. [OOC] what else do we need to do? haha sorry a little lost
I rolled a 5 and a 3. Adding my intelligence of 1, and Pyrokinesis bonus of 1, it is a total of 10. [OOC] Rolls of the same number require another re-roll to break the tie. (DnD 5th edition rules) [/OOC] I roll a 4 and a 3, with added bonuses, a total of 9. Failing the roll, I will have to turn up at Peragon Hotel.

Chapter 2: Seven Minutes

Evangeline Ng

Wednesday, Feb 03, 2016 - 02:07:59 am

@ Evangeline Ng

She left the house hurriedly, fast, her heart throbbing, pounding in her head. She knew she had to leave least the Bratva take it on the Blacks. How could they have tracked her down here? No, not the same route. She had to take a detour, if she makes it to where the man found her before he did, she’ll Read more →

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Truccozio Chapter 2: Sovereignty

Nathalie Au

Wednesday, Feb 03, 2016 - 01:14:28 am

@ nathalie_nathalie

A week has gone by and Karl watched the prison guard long enough to realize that the key is always hidden in the chest pocket of the guard’s uniform. He decides that today will be the day where they successfully break free from the horrid cell. Karl turns to Felicity and props her up to await their last bowl of verdura Read more →

Chancellor Aaron leans forward to me. He speaks into my ear forcing me to tell him where his forsaken brother, Joque is. I looked at him angrily and confused as I have no idea why he wanted to know his location since he is already ruling the place. He continues to interrogate me. It was a tough decision to make. If I told him where his brother is then would he be killed and I would be guilty for life but if I do not say anything, Karl and I would be in great danger. After much thought, I decided to tell him another location of Joque so that his brother could live longer while Karl and I would flee from his clutches. "I decided to tell you where Joque is, however you must free Karl and myself. We would never come back to your kingdom and no one will know how to get a face forever."
Karl wakes up and found out that he was again locked up. However, the lock of the cell was unlocked. He found himself lying on a comfy bed with white clean sheets. It was not a cell, it was a guest room. He was wearing new clothes that are also white. Karl being curious, sneak to towards the door as he was worried that he may alarm any guards. Karl unlocks the lock really carefully to prevent making any sounds. He put the rusty lock down on the cold but clean white floor slowly. He opens the door slowly. He sticks his head out to the white corridor to see what is happening outside.

Lore III: The Insecure One ( Authority )

Issabel Andrew

Tuesday, Feb 02, 2016 - 02:44:19 am

@ Madness and Scuzabel

Since the Major is constantly displaced with each turn, establishing a structured social order is virtually impossible. ‘Authority’ in Whatslef, or rather, the degree of influence an individual wields over others, is hence measured by:

An individual’s capacity to survive and keep up while traveling/Inse turns An individual’s capacity to survive everyone else when things are stationary.

For the Read more →

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Chapter 2: The First Meeting

Hui Yi

Monday, Feb 01, 2016 - 11:16:24 pm

@ fastforwad

As both of you enter the portal, you hear your classmates and lecturer bidding farewell to you as the portal entrance slowly shrinks in size and disappears. All you see is the galaxy and it seemed like you are suspended in time.

Before you know it, both of you fall on your sides, on a warm yellow plasticky surface with a Read more →

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Zeeeee looks over at Puff in thought. "I wanna start, but I don't wanna stumble; not on the first day! Maybe we should see how it's done first. Just a bit if it isn't too much trouble to everyone."
[Puff to Zeeeee] *whispers so that the other Pius don't hear* "Seems like they just wanna sit around and chill. I don't think we can learn much about how to work the dreamland just from their stories though. Though they do seem really tired, but I can feel that they really love this place, so it shouldn't be hard to convince them to continue working and let us help out! We will probably lighten their load by helping out, right?"
Zeeeee nods and whispers back. "Right. Let's convince them." [To Boss] "We understand, Boss, but could you guys maybe just stay for a BIT longer? You don't even all have to work at the same time since you're tired. You could just. . . put us on a station and tell us what to do! We're sure you all have great experience, and we'd love to hear EVERYTHING you've got for us, but we'd really prefer if we could watch you guys a little, get a little hands on experience and then take over from there. We wanna continue building on from where you'll leave off, year by year, storey by storey, to how it'll be in the future!" [OOC] Intelligence: 5 Roll: 6
[OOC] Roll the dice for Puff too! ^^ It'll be based on combined points of Puff+Zeeeee, to see whether Boss can be convinced ultimately.
I rolled 8 (+5 INT) = total 13 Plus Zeeeee's roll and INT = total 24 [OOC] it's 2 six-sided dice right?
[OOC] I only rolled one die :b New roll with both: 11 (not including Int: 5)
[OOC] er I guess now our total is 13 + 16 = 29 hahaha
[OOC] Haha yup it's two 6-sided dices. Sorry if there was any confusion! Thanksss Issabel and Pin for completing Chapter 2! xD

[FDN 4D II] After Light: Chapter 1

Lewin O

Monday, Feb 01, 2016 - 10:33:21 pm

@ Salty Plants


After Light: Intro Lore: Economy, Society & Government

Continue reading for Chapter 1.

[1910 @ somewhere between SMU and the Orchard Night Bazaar]

Sirens wailed around the traffic junction right smack in the middle of town, causing quite the traffic disruption. The sun is just about setting and onlookers, both living and dead swarmed the site despite law enforcement officials’ best Read more →

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Hi Liwen! Sorry I had to comment here, could you reply to my latest Chapter post: So sorry my post came late so you weren't able to post a comment earlier! Thank you and so sorry to trouble! (P/S: Please remove this comment when you're done reading!)
CARL POV: LOOK FOR THE OWL Carl looks at Abbie, he feels that he should respect her decision. "So what do you want to do?" But Abbie remains silence. "Alright, then...let me think..." He stares through her transparent body, he can see her spirit, it's like a piece of membrane that flows within her veins. Just that the spirit is so badly damage, it's like a shattering glass. It's no wonder as she has died for 90 years. The longer the ghost remains, the more fragile their spirit become. He has to hurry, if not she might became the "dark" Carl thought about bringing her to Dr. KJ. But according to her spirit condition, it's hardly that she can still remember anything. "Listen Abbie, I will go and look for The Owl, and see if he knows anything about your death. Do you want to follow me?" [OOC: Sorry I'm not very sure is Carl supposed to bring her along? if that's the case Abbie cannot make any decision?]
You can choose to do so or wait for Ann Li to respond, that's entirely up to you! ^^
[OOC: Sorry bout the late reply!] Abbie nursed her hangover with the warm cup of coffee, slowly sobering up. Still, it took her a minute to register Carl's question, to which she thought over briefly. She set the cup of coffee on the table and leaned forwards, resting on her elbows lazily. "Sure, why not. Let's go see this OWL they mentioned. Hanging around here for 90 years really suck... I just wanna remember and get outta here," Abbie replied. "By the way, I really do appreciate what you're trying to do for me. I'd say I owe my life to you for the favour but I guess that doesn't apply to me," Abbie continued. To be quite honest, Abbie was relieved to find Carl. Apart from the fact that he was there to her move on to the ACTUAL part of the afterlife AND he wasn't dead, he had a refreshing personality. Which by Abbie's standards wasn't all that hard to find, not when you've spent most of your time post-death with a bunch of slurring drunkards. Admittedly, she learnt a rather great deal about the supernatural world by sharing drinks but it was still nice to finally have a sober conversation with someone. As the saying goes, dead men tell no lies; the same can be (mostly) applied to drunkards.

[FDN 4D II] After Light: Lore – Society & Culture

Lewin O

Monday, Feb 01, 2016 - 09:39:51 pm

@ Salty Plants


After Light: Intro

Below is a general intro to the society of After Light.

Skip to after the break for more on the occupations and culture in After Light, information on the Exorcists, the Ghouls, the Guardians and the government.


Once the sun sets and the city lights are lit, the supernatural community of Singapore comes to life.

In Read more →

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