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Win Zaw 4d project 2

ʍıu zɐʍ

Saturday, Jan 30, 2016 - 08:10:16 pm


the final video. I’ve decided to use the film “Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind” as the inspiration for the lift sequence to show the fleeting nature of life, and the process of movement and ascension. On top of that, i’ve tried to overlay the lift sequences with another sequence of my bedroom. The second lift sequence was looped to Read more →

so much feeling :)

SAM Visit


Saturday, Jan 30, 2016 - 04:22:30 pm

@ Junyuan Loo

With the worries of missing the TIME OF OTHERS exhibition, I went to the Singapore Art Museum on the day it ends, 28th February 2016. I missed the group visit on Monday, but I found visiting the museum alone had its perks. I do like to go in groups, but going solo has the same feeling you get when you Read more →

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Enjoyed the elaborated, keen observation and in-depth review. A well organised review. Exhibtion ends 28 Feb not 28 Jan :)

Museum Visit

Charmaine Villamin

Thursday, Jan 28, 2016 - 04:14:06 pm

@ Charmaine Villamin

Title:  Endings No Endings

Artist: Ringo Bunoan

Endings was an installation that used pages of book endings with wooden frames. All the frames are displayed on a shelf.

At first glance, it seemed that the stories are connected. I thought there was a hidden message in the pages or a common theme in the story. It’s actually Read more →

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Well organized review. Enjoyed your reflections. Just a thought to add on your reflection of the video piece. Could the low volume be intentional to create a certain sense of intimacy akin to whispering, internalised memory such that the artist folds the viewer into the memory space?

Museum Visit

Dan Ng

Wednesday, Jan 27, 2016 - 10:26:37 pm

@ Dan

Endings & No Endings

Artist: Ringo Bunoan (Born 1974, Manila)

Title: Endings; No Endings

Materials: Wooden Shelves to hold the books, wooden frames and the last page of different novels.

Look: Long, extended, suspended plane of book shelf holding up numerous framed page of different Read more →

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A well organized review. Enjoyed your elaborated reflection and critic on some aesthetic decision of the work.
Thank you Michael!

SAM Trip Yo !


Wednesday, Jan 27, 2016 - 06:51:03 pm

@ ZacteeProductions

Sooo it was quite an eye opener for someone who hasn’t stepped into the museum his entire life.

This is one of the first thing that attracted me.

A travel without Visual Experience: Malaysia 

So this installation is from an artist by the name of Pak Sheung Chuen, titled A travel without Visual Experience in Malaysia.

The materials Read more →

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Enjoyed the animated review although it sounds a ted too informal. Suggest you consider using the following treatment to make the writing more formal. 'A travel without Visual Experience in Malaysia' is a photo installation artwork by Pak Sheung Chuen. The installation which comprise of a series of snapshots taken was presented in a darken gallery. The images were created during a period of travel.... Would be interesting to hear more of your opinion on the reason for the artists to creates a particular environment for the first piece.

a trip

Terence Goh

Wednesday, Jan 27, 2016 - 02:25:08 am

@ Archive

Erased Slogans

Kiri Dalena 2008 Video projection on desk

I was drawn from the passageway towards the dimly lit table that had images projected upon it. The initial thought was that this may be an installation that is related to education/ educational institutions, perhaps a look into past educational systems. However, upon closer inspection of the images, it dawned upon me Read more →

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Review can be stronger if you can offer a more elaborated description of the artworks eg "Erased Slogan is a mixed media installation work that uses.... and also contrast your opinion with the artist's intention My initial interpretation of the work...(share how the work made you feel and how it might differ from the artist's)

SAM visit

Zhang Longfei

Tuesday, Jan 26, 2016 - 11:39:29 pm


Calendars (2020-2096)

Brief Description

“Calendars” is done during 2004 to 2010 and contains 1001 offset prints with matte lamination. Each print is 30cm x 30cm and represents a page of calendar with a photograph. All pages spread out according to the year and date on 3 walls.

Artist: Heman Chong

Heman Chong (b. 1977, Muar) is an artist, curator, Read more →

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well organised review. Enjoyed the dual reflection/ Interpretation shared.

Research - Singapore Art Museum Visit

Viency Lee

Tuesday, Jan 26, 2016 - 02:04:59 am

@ viency

Ringo Bunoan

Embarrassingly, I didn’t actually realise the installation was an installation at first. Walking into the room, I had initially assumed that the column of books was just a plain simple wood pillar. Upon closer inspection, the seemingly wooden pillar was actually constructed out of tightly compacted, yellowing books, their spines pushed against the wall to hide the titles. Read more →

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Well organized review. Enjoyed the in-depth discussion and interpretation. Will be great if you can include a brief description of the artwork before launching in to the review. eg "Manmade" is a single channel video artwork by Basir Mahmood. before proceeding to describe what the work shows. Please re-categorize and assign "Musuem Visit" to the post Goob Job!

Made for SAM: First visit of 2016

Fabby K

Monday, Jan 25, 2016 - 11:44:23 pm

@ Fabian Kang

残响世界(realm of reverberations) by Chen Chieh-Jen, 2014, Video installation with four blue-ray films and documentation, 23:56, 26:07, 23:33 and 26:56 mins

One of the works I would love to talk about in the “Time of Others” is 残响世界 (realm of reverberations) by Chen Chieh-Jen. I particularly enjoyed this work by this energetic artist whose artistic practice has been much centered around the Read more →

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Well written descriptions and reflection on the artworks. Interesting that you mentioned only a selection of artwork engages. What would be the reason affecting your comprehension? the choice of media, presentation or subject matter? Good to hold that thought.
As an artist and an appreciator of arts, I certainly feel overwhelmed at times by the sheer convoluted feeling that works have been giving off in our contemporary. Take for example, some works of Martin Creed like 'blutack stuck to a wall'. I could raise many more examples and even more questions. So it is a great effort to invest time and emotion into the appreciation of any given work, for me. I expect to be rewarded, though not always instantaneously, but I do yearn an emotional engagement with a work to see not just the work but the mind and process behind it. Although it maybe very subjective of me, but this show has indeed got me thinking yet again what I would support as an effective work. And to me that is art as a form of expression or concept, through engagement. It also occurred to me that my particular apprehension in viewing a piece of video art, could be a subconscious comparison that my mind does with such works done by the likes of Bruce Nauman, Bill Viola, John Clang, Daniel Crooks etc, whose works I have had the greatest pleasure of experiencing. On the other side of things though, the scales have been tipped over and over again in much of my gallery visiting experiences. So it is mostly the choice of media and the mode of expression that has affected my interpretation and in turn, my response. I never fault the subject matter because I believe that artistic licence gives any artist that basic choice for the inception of a work.

Trip to the SAM!


Monday, Jan 25, 2016 - 10:38:16 pm

@ Joan

Here’s a review about two of the installation in the exhibition 5 Stars: Art Reflects on Peace, Justice, Equality, Democracy and Progress in the Singapore Art Museum (SAM).

Raising Spirits and Restoring Souls (2015) by Zulkifle Mahmod 64-channel midi controller, solenoids, e-bows, amplifiers, piano/bass/guitar strings, copper pipes, midi player and others Dimensions variable Collection of the Artist, Singapore Art Museum commission

(Photo credit: Zulkifle Mahmod)

This Read more →

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Well written description of the works. Enjoyed your interpretation. Great that you took the initiative to look up other works of Zul.