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Katie Koh Ke Tian

Monday, Nov 07, 2016 - 01:28:49 pm

@ katiekohketian

By The Way

A project to design an interactive city guide in our MRTs.

Interface Design (Draft) 

Main Screen: 

Interactive landmarks and pop-up pins for point of interest.

Individual Tab Screen: 

Opens up when user taps on the landmarks on the main map.

Top Screen: 

Permanent banner that shows news headlines, weather forecasts and upcoming station.

First look (non-peak hour) : 

During peak hours, top banner will Read more →


(12) Garden | City (name updated) - PROGRESS (4)

Heng Tong Foo

Saturday, Nov 05, 2016 - 02:46:20 pm

@ thisisht.

Garden | City



Final Concept

‘Garden | City’ takes people to another realm through a temporary screen-based installation, placed at the site of the ‘Supertree Grove’ at Gardens by the bay, through the usage of 2 different types of touch features using existing technology.

Firstly, featuring the use of the nostalgic action Read more →


ECP Underpass— Survey Results, Insights & Approach

Xie Xiuyun

Monday, Oct 31, 2016 - 03:02:07 pm

@ Xiuyun's

Project Development Update


We conducted a survey of 61 respondents to further investigate the general feelings of using the ECP passageways, problems faced, and their interest on improvements. Survey Results gathered showed underlying common problems and themes we would like to address and qualitative answers also gave us a better understanding of problems highlighted. Several Insights and observations lead us to our Approach for Read more →

Underground Passageways


Monday, Oct 24, 2016 - 03:06:31 pm

@ V N X Y

Identified Problem

Pedestrian underpasses are places that are often overlooked and perhaps even under utilised. While its purpose is to provide pedestrians the convenience of continuing their walking path despite blockages (i.e buildings/ highways), people tend to associate it with negative thoughts, and would often avoid certain underpasses due to the perceived unsafeness of the path.

There are various factors such Read more →


(10) Depreciation of the World - PROGRESS (2)

Heng Tong Foo

Monday, Oct 24, 2016 - 12:45:42 am

@ thisisht.





Consist of wildlife in Singapore. Research is based upon Endangered animals and Types of trees. Majority of animal wildlife consists of marine / entomological organisms while Land animals are constricted to a few.


Notable animals = Green Emperor Pigeons/ Banded Leaf Monkeys/ Mouse deer/ Sunda Pangolin/ Leopard Cats. More research to follow.

Notable trees = Rain Read more →

I'm glad you found a site that works with the concept of your project.  An important factor is the time of day that the installation would be set up.  Also, what context might this work?  As part of a festival?  If so, which one...perhaps there are temporary exhibitions.  What have they done in the past to attract viewers to visit and linger at Gardens by the Bay?

Week 10 Final Project Progress 1

Katie Koh Ke Tian

Monday, Oct 17, 2016 - 04:05:36 pm

@ katiekohketian

Group Members: Clara, Katie, Wanqing Idea Focus: Interactive City Guide for MRT  Title: Target Audience: General commuters Problems to tackle: 1) Long travelling time (boring rides) & 2) Unable to board (crowding at entrances/ refuse to move in)

Next steps:

Find out what do people want from city guide? What kind of content/ways to present the contents to engage people? How the design could incorporate various demographics? Consider the Read more →
What are some examples of similar projects that you can find that have been attempted?

Week 9 Final Project Refinements

Katie Koh Ke Tian

Monday, Oct 17, 2016 - 01:36:26 pm

@ katiekohketian

Topic: Public Transport (MRT) Experience

Group Members: Clara, Katie, WanQing

Refer to the link below for our group presentation slides:



Hanna McLachlan

Sunday, Oct 16, 2016 - 01:08:41 am

@ Hanna UX Design

We are looking to improve the experience of MRT users. As we are still deciding on our specific idea we have separated our ideas into the various scenarios we could work around.

Platform – gameplay to fill waiting time – on windows/doors/floors/walls

Stairs – encourage use/gameplay – entice with cheaper fare and swipe halfway up

Corridors – immersive environment, activate space – make empty Read more →

Hello guys, check this guy out He also has a TED talk on the topic :)

Assignment Week 9

Timothy Chan

Monday, Oct 10, 2016 - 11:56:31 am

@ Timz Space

Problem: It can be dangerous for pedestrians when sharing footpaths with cyclists and personal mobility device users.

Solution: Augmented Reality Pavements

Augmented reality in the future may provide information on-the-go but this could at times be distracting and lead to accidents. This project seeks to conceptualize a more clutter free experience with a focus on features to keep pedestrians safe when walking along Read more →