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Giving 'form' to a product


Tuesday, Mar 14, 2017 - 02:06:19 am

@ Nelle.

During the last lecture, we were introduced to 3 main nodes that influence the aesthetics or “form” of a product:

Function. Human factor. Emotion.

How different people’s opinion about a product may be influenced by certain associations that are important to them, such as: – How useful it is  – How comfortable it is – Whether it provides a link with their past etc.


In my opinion, Read more →


A study on predominant ‘accents’ of Aesthetics

Darren Mok

Friday, Mar 03, 2017 - 10:56:18 am

@ dmok002

Lecture 2 introduced and discussed the 3 main ergonomics that large influence the form factor of products. They are main function , human factors and emotion.

The 3 main characteristics are are inter changeable and may or may not even skew to one single characteristic.

Below i would like to share 3 products that I feel are dominant in the accents that Read more →

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