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product trends : a Harvey Norman trip


Friday, Mar 17, 2017 - 08:16:08 pm

@ kc

I’ve never been into Harvey Norman—let alone look at current products and their trends in detail—so this trip was clearly an eye-opener for me!! These are some current trends I took note of:

Retro Trend

Pastel colours and bulky shapes are making their way back into the current trends (to my surprise! I thought people preferred space-saving, minimalistic designs these days). Their aesthetics are Read more →


2017 Product Trends: Harvey Norman Tour

Feliciana Natali

Friday, Mar 17, 2017 - 09:56:53 am

@ Feligood

Thank you Harvey Norman for welcoming our class to have a private tour, looking around products without any other customers inside! That was really kind.. And from all the products that I have observed, these are the trends of 2017:


From the small kettle to fridge, there is an on-going trend of having a vintage look. These kitchen products are really Read more →

Interesting writing on your thoughts on the trend. Now, the idea is to keep this in mind when you design in the future - how to ride the wave of a trend.

Form - Function - Emotion

Wong Song Yu

Friday, Mar 17, 2017 - 02:47:21 am

@ Song Yu

The 3 Influencing factors of a product are Form, Function and  Emotion,

with each product favouring one over the others, creating a variety of different products

with very similar functions, but appeal to different people.

The Large format camera is what i would consider Function focused, as its not portable, the look of it is Read more →


A Trip to Harvey Norman

Lau Yi Wen

Friday, Mar 17, 2017 - 01:55:02 am


On Tuesday we headed down to Harvey Norman in Millenia Walk to check out the current products on the market. Here are some observation I’ve made:

Compare: Dyson hair dryer VS alternate brand hair dryer

I have been hearing about the hype of Dyson’s hair dryer, simply for its higher pricing ($599!!!) and iconic form – circular tube mounted on a Read more →

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Harvey Norman field trip


Friday, Mar 17, 2017 - 01:27:51 am

@ Yay cake.

Both of these semi-professional mixers sport similar curves and forms. The base connects seamlessly to the mixer attachments and come in a variety of bright colors. In comparison the Kitchenaid mixers have more knobs which in my opinion are rather fussy even though they are functional. As a avid home baker, I I find the placement of the speed switch Read more →


What Kind of Designer are You: Function, Human, or Emotion

Feliciana Natali

Wednesday, Mar 15, 2017 - 09:33:17 am

@ Feligood

Design is a decision. Design could be made out of void and nothingness. Design could be derived. And product design is specifically about the design of the form of the product. What does exactly affect the designer’s decision in deciding the right form of his creation? What does affect your decision? And what kind of designer are you?

From one of Read more →


Giving 'form' to a product


Tuesday, Mar 14, 2017 - 02:06:19 am

@ Nelle.

During the last lecture, we were introduced to 3 main nodes that influence the aesthetics or “form” of a product:

Function. Human factor. Emotion.

How different people’s opinion about a product may be influenced by certain associations that are important to them, such as: – How useful it is  – How comfortable it is – Whether it provides a link with their past etc.


In my opinion, Read more →


The Product Triangle

Lin Chenyue

Thursday, Mar 09, 2017 - 03:12:16 pm

@ lin

The Triangle

Products are not just a function fitted inside a form. There are many thoughts going into every design and details, considering all the factors that influences the outcome.

For many product, as shown in the above image, are influenced by the 3 factors, function, human factor and emotion, when they are designed. And conventionally, specific types of product have their Read more →


Triangle of Aesthetics

Widad Darke

Tuesday, Mar 07, 2017 - 05:02:09 pm

@ Widad Darke

I found myself extremely intrigued that the ideal balance of aesthetics in designing a product is simply represented through this triangle.

1. Predominant ‘accent’: Human Factors

‘The Ostrich Pillow’

Launched on Kickstarter, this pillow promises users a comfortable power nap anywhere. The 3 holes (two at the sides and one in front) are meant to to provide its users a ‘private little Read more →

Love the ostrich pillow!
Would you buy it? :D Actually, I secretly want one for myself especially during the crazier weeks in school haha.
I think one would look like a completer dodo wearing it in an airport... aesthetics is lost...

Nodes that influence aesthetics or 'form'

Ong Xin Hong

Tuesday, Mar 07, 2017 - 09:00:06 am

@ Oxhrene

Aesthetics or Form = Function + Human Factors + Emotion

While the form of a product gives it its characteristics, what exactly defines the form of a product?

Under a lecture by my professor, Peer, I learnt that there are three traits affecting the definition of the form of a product.

In terms of industrial design,

What does function mean?

Function is to work or operate Read more →

Hi Rene! Do you find Razer Mamba attractive?
Hi Peer, it is quite weird to hear you call me Rene. Rene is my nickname that I try not to use since there is another Rene in class. I just changed my name on OSS to Ong Xin Hong. Hope you are not confused. I do find the Razer Mamba attractive as it provides me the choice to customise the colour spectrum according to my mood. In addition, the high sensitivity of the clicking provides fast and efficient use of the mouse almost effortlessly. Moreover there is a battery life of 20 hours! No more tangling with wires.
I have ways to find out : )