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By: michaeltan |

Dear All,

In preparation for your next project which encourages you to spot and sketch out the knowldge territory that may be of relevance to your Final Year Project (FYP), please make use of the time between now and 6 March to retrieve and gather (past and current) information, news, articles on debates and issues that catch your interest, curiousity or attention.

They can be physical (magazine, newspapers, adverstisements etc. ) or digital (website, online news etc.). You may be interested in current affairs, politics, gender issues, cultural etc.

Collate them by creating entries and upload on OSS under “Project 2: Research” category. You may use the tag feature to help generate tag clouds. You may scan your physical resources or file them in a folder.


Bring them in to class on 6 March.


Give some thoughts to:

  • the problems, ideas, issues reflected in your research material
  • What you wish to investigate
  • Why is it a problem and why it is worth investigating?




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