Assignment: Exploratory Generative Study

By: dejan.grba |

Create Exploratory Generative Study

Focus on the main principles and aspects of generativity that we discussed in Week 2 and Week 3:
Logic of a Generative Artwork and
Algorithmic Thinking and Procedural Literacy.

Explore them through developing your work within one chosen medium: image, sound, text, video, animation, physical object/installation, web-based work, game, etc.

The work can be
– Analog or digital,
– Interactive or non-interactive.

Aim for
– Simplicity and clarity.
– Cultivating your approach to project development:
concept>quick exploration>prototyping>testing>finalizing.
– Learning through making.

Present your ideas to the class next week 3 Sep.

Document your progress weekly at the OSS Process category.

Final presentation of the work due Week 7 (24 Sep).

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