End of Year Showcase


By: Bryan Leow |

Dear all,
In addition to the required showcasing of your generative art projects next Thursday 12 November, you get a chance to showcase your project once more within the end of the semester show!
It will be on the 18th of November, Wednesday. I will be helping with the logistics and space for setting up the showcase. To ensure it goes smoothly, I will require some details from you.
First: Do you wish to showcase your project?
If yes, I will need the following details from you:
  • Project Title
  • Project Description (not too wordy please!)
  • Additional logistics you will need for the showcase (eg. speakers, iMacs, etc)
  • Location (leave it blank if it does not matter)
You can reply me through email, text, or you can edit it directly onto this Google Sheet I created.
Thanks, and all the best for your project progress!

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