Main Assignment: Generative Artwork


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Generative Artwork

Respond to the topic: Surprise.

Some of the aspects to reflect on:
– What constitutes surprise?
– What determines its qualities?
– How surprise figures in different contexts such as the arts, everyday life, technology (e.g. in classical information theory by Claude Shannon), etc.?
– How does it figure in your own life and experience?
– Find out and explore other features of surprise.

Start with the final comments and notes on your exploratory generative studies. Do your research, shape up your reflections into a coherent concept and transform it into a work that engages a broader audience.

Taking into account what you have already learned about generative art, aim for clarity of learning through making, and for effectiveness of the finished work.

Compared to your exploratory generative study, this work should be more elaborate conceptually, technically, aesthetically and experientially.

You are free to choose any feasible medium: image, sound, text, video, animation, physical object/installation, web-based work, etc., or any combination of these.

The artwork can be analog or digital, interactive or non-interactive.

You have 7 weeks available for development (1 recess week + 6 teaching weeks) before showcasing.
Make a time frame.

Let your work evolve and improve as you progress working on it.

Develop the concept, make the initial sketch and a time frame with all important development phases, and present it all in class on Week 8 (8 Oct).

Document your progress weekly on OSS Process category. Your project updates are to be posted no later than 11:59 PM Wednesday before the next class.

Showcasing the work will be in the final Week 13 (12 Nov).

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