Reading Assignment 2

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Broad, Terence, Frederic Fol Leymarie, and Mick Grierson. 2020. “Amplifying the Uncanny.” xCoAx, 8th Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X. Porto: 33-43.

In addition to Joey’s well-observed introductory notes, this text represents some of the most recent practices in new media and generative art, in which the artists use popular techniques of modern AI.
Also, this reading is a paper from xCoAx which is one of important conferences and exhibitions on generative and new media art, with consistent quality of papers and artworks.
Here is a repo with all the xCoAx proceedings PDFs for your reference and inspiration

The assignment (same conditions as for RA 1)

Write your reflections in a short essay, around 250 words.
Use this experience as a warm-up for the main reading assignment.
Make a spontaneous but thoughtful response about the text’s themes, relevance, style and other aspects you find interesting.
No images, links or other references are required, but are welcome.

Post it to the OSS Research category by Week 6 (17 Sep).

Prepare a short presentation in class on Week 6 (17 Sep).

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