Teaching Material

Booking and Ordering

If you need special equipment or material to produce your projects, you can borrow it or we can buy it. Please read the following info, and coordinate with Bryan.

IM equipment

This is a list of the available IM Equipment that you may book for your projects. Do the booking with Poh (zypoh@ntu.edu.sg).

Ordering from SGBotic, Artfriend or Straitsart

SGBotic, Artfriend and Straits Art Co. are the official ADM suppliers for teaching material, electronics, etc. Search these websites for the items you need.
Make your selection, copy links and prices of the items, put them in a MS Word table (here is an example), and send to Bryan.

Ordering from outside of these vendors

Look up Save Some Money article by Toh Yixue for useful tips on finding various materials.

Make a list of the items you need and their prices, and send it to me to approve. You can do this in class or by email.

Once approved:

If you can buy directly in the shop/store (offline):
Pay cash only.
Take receipt(s).
Bring me the receipt(s).
I will process the claims cumulatively.

If you want to order something online (outside of SGBotic, Artfriend or Straits Art):
Send me the item description, price and link.
I will do the shopping myself and claim it.
If the website is not in English, you have to sit down with me and help me navigate it.