Week 11 (Oct 29) – Reading assignment 3 presentation – Updated!


Reading Assignment 3 Presentations

Notes and References

Virtual Exhibition
Program Handbook
Conference Proceedings

A paper on authorship in the AI art as a subset of tool/technology-based art (=all art)
Jon McCormack et al., Autonomy, Authenticity, Authorship and Intention in Computer Generated Art, 2019

Related to the emergence property in generative art in some of the examples discussed
Steve Reich – 1967 – Piano Phase (video)
Better audio

10-15 minute live presentations.

Presentation order:
Su Yang, Alina, Naomi, Rachael, Joey, Samuel, Praveen


Systems for Surprise, Discovery and Learning 1

Lecture Slides

Over several lectures we will look at exemplar projects of contemporary generative art, distinguished by the artists’ abilities to transcend the conceptual, productive and aesthetic limits of algorithmic thinking and code-based creativity. By leveraging generativity into the original structures, they command inspiring, emotionally and intellectually rich experiences with unique aesthetic and ethical values. You will be able to recognize and evaluate them as cognitive tools for comparison, abstraction, categorization, analogising and meaning making. This will empower you to synergize your inspiration, knowledge, skills, playfulness and curiosity into your own generative projects.