Week 12 (Nov 5) – Updated!

Showcasing Prep

1. Round up a selection of your progress documentation for both projects:
Short video demos,
Code (Processing, HTML/CSS/JS, SuperCollider, etc., wrap it up so it can be run).
Final project demo video.

2. Save the material in a folder with your name (e.g. Alina Ling) and send it to me via WeTransfer by Thursday 19 November.

Showcasing Outline

Time Frame

4:30-5:10 PM Closing discussion and course recap

5:10-5:30 PM Prep for showcasing

Join Zoom meeting

Meeting ID: 971 0351 8712
Passcode: 846314

No waiting room, use passcode.
I will make you co-hosts.

Set up presentations, test webcam.

5:30-7:30 PM Showcasing

Showcasing order
Samuel, Praveen, Joey, Rachael, Naomi, Alina, Su Yang

Individual showcasing time frame
Around 10 minutes research and progress presentation
+ final artwork demo
Around 5 minutes Q&A and comments

The invited profs will join us throughout the session between 5:30 and 7:30 PM.

End of Year Exhibition

Wednesday 18 November

ADM Lobby and around Student Lounge on Level 1.

Bryan will coordinate with Poh and LPD.

Please do the SFT



Systems for Surprise, Discovery and Learning 2

Lecture Slides

This lecture features the exemplar generative projects based upon sound and imaging, minimal approaches, and commercial high-production support.

Related Examples

Ned Kahn – 1992 – Sonic Range
Semiconductor – 2011 – 20Hz
Luke DuBois – 2013 – Sergey Brin and Larry Page
Thomas Briggs’s generative images
Gene Kogan’s earlier generative images and animations
Jason Salavon’s works
Sarah Howork – 2015 – Average Face Mirror
Mauro Martino – 2017 – Forma Fluens
Jenny Odell – 2009-2011 – Satellite Collections
Perry Bard – 2007 – Man With a Movie Camera (The Global Remake)