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Thoughts: Illuminating Embodiment by Rafael Lozano


Tuesday, Sep 08, 2020 - 08:10:01 pm

@ Raw & Ugly !

Relational architecture, is an interesting concept. I interpret it as re-making the architecture, from a cold, emotionless structure, to one that allows and facilitates connection between people. From Rafael’s Relational Architecture series, one can experience new ways in which structure drives communication/connection, bring people together, help people relate to each other, or simply bridging the gap between strangers.

Here are three Read more →

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Heritage Lightup

Dan Ning

Tuesday, Sep 08, 2020 - 12:27:39 pm

@ :D:

Honestly, my first impressions of the light up was …… it’s so red. It almost makes the whiteness of the buildings unnoticeable, maybe that’s that the reason why they chose predominantly white buildings for the project. Most of the buildings were just lit up with red lights and white light maybe for a patriotic reason since this event was to Read more →

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Reading Reflection

Dan Ning

Tuesday, Sep 08, 2020 - 10:38:19 am

@ :D:

Relational architecture seems to be a re-contextualizing of certain architecture to give a different narrative from the original and breaking down on the materialization and environment of the buildings to give a different level of meaning to them. By adding different hyperlinks to the areas of a certain architecture Rafael Lozano-Hemmer deconstructs the given meaning of the architecture giving it Read more →

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Thoughts: Rafael Lozeno Hemmer - Illuminating Embodiment

Amanda Lee

Sunday, Sep 06, 2020 - 02:30:46 pm

@ A M O O N D A

Illuminating embodiment talks about how the human body is entangled in all life and meaning, which has led to works that highlight or expand on this entanglement. Rafael Lozeno Hemmer is one artist who has used this concept to create enlightening works that reimagine the relation of humans to architecture, and humans to technology. One work which has caught my Read more →

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Well done, Amanda.

Initial sketch: Assignment 1

Rui Hong

Wednesday, Sep 02, 2020 - 06:30:06 am

@ Rui Hong

Tension and Stability Home: Growing up, I shared a bedroom with my older brother. I have a drastically different personality from my brother, who was more introverted and short fused. Often, we would find ourselves arguing over trivial matters that would further deteriorate our relationship and that ended up splitting us into different bedrooms. Coming from a strict family, we would often Read more →

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Rui Hong, for further inspiration look up the work of ART+COM, a Berlin-based new media design and communication pioneers who created the Kinetic Rain for Changi. Look up their older work as well. Not all of the old ones are documented on their website ( so it is worth searching around a bit.
Regarding our further discussion, look up Jan Dibbets' work:

'Home' — Reflections & Sketch

Praveen Ramesh

Wednesday, Sep 02, 2020 - 05:06:16 am

@ prav


Dominance, Transience, Restraint, Comfort, Obligated Rootedness.

Personal Reflections & Analysis of ‘Space’

1. My Room (Dominance)

In my home, I share my room with my brother with our beds set apart, flushed against each side of the wall. I personally do not have a good relationship with him and more often than not, we only speak when we need to. This Read more →

Praveen, since dogs largely construct their perception of space through smell, perhaps you can think about translating this trajectory into an olfactory experience (although this would be technically tricky). The path could also be sonified, as dogs also rely on sound (depending on breed).

Initial Sketch: Feelings of Home vs Covid19


Wednesday, Sep 02, 2020 - 01:05:34 am

@ DARYL_final_final.kj

Visualise — A white/translucent quarantine tent small enough for 1 person to crawl into. Inside the tent, a large red cushion is positioned in the middle for the 1 person to lie/sit/roll on. The walls of the tent start to change into a pinkish-red hue as the sound of a slow-paced heartbeat fades in. The heartbeat is accompanied by a Read more →

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HOME sketch: living room shapes


Tuesday, Sep 01, 2020 - 11:41:19 pm

@ spamcan

mapping self-proclaimed personal space territories of each person little difficulty building walls around ourselves while occupying the same space (defining personal space in shared space) limited interactions and incentives

forcing view of shared space: tangible lines / planes to define our vision difficulty: acknowledging and reacting or accommodating to the presence of others sharing the Read more →
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Assignment 1 Sketch


Tuesday, Sep 01, 2020 - 11:11:52 pm

@ Raw & Ugly !

Take the words you used described when prompted by question “What is the feeling you associate with HOME?” and create a SKETCH of how you might visualise this sensibility.  How has this changed due to Covid-19?

Longing and connection are terms I associate with HOME; people who I enjoy company of, and spending time doing things with. Covid-19 has brought about many Read more →

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Yixue, look up Walter Ruttman's synaesthetic films Weekend and Symphony of the World, 1920's and 1930s.
Thank you for the tip , I will look it up!

Assignment 1 - ideation

Dan Ning

Tuesday, Sep 01, 2020 - 10:01:09 pm

@ :D:

Idea – How small for comfort?

A box that will be designed to open up to a mat and would be able to shrink in size and expand depending on the comfort levels of the user.

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